Alain Groenendaal

Marketing/Business Leader

> Creatively driven organizational leadership
> Business turnarounds and digital transformation
> International/multi market experience (U.S., Europe, Latin America and global)
> Client relationship development
> Marketing, communications and advertising excellence

Alain is an innovative, MBA trained senior executive, with proven U.S., international and global experience. He works with creatively driven marketing organizations to help them grow their business, differentiate their brand and stay relevant in the digital first, omni- channel experience economy. 

He built his career at leading global marketing agencies Accenture, Grey and Leo Burnett, as well as the independent The Community, where he turned around failing operations; reengineered organizations to make them more digitally driven and future facing; and partnered with leading global companies such as Procter & Gamble, Best Buy, Citibank, Fedex, Diageo, Nestlé, Walt Disney, Visa and Volvo to name just a few. 

Alain’s European, US and Canadian citizenship, upbringing and experience, and fluency in 4 languages, make him an always curious, collaborative, dynamic and effective partner, with a healthy non-conformity with the status quo.