John Vagueiro

Our founding story.

Founder & CEO John A. Vagueiro started AS at the age of 17, with the intention of helping his family financially. As the oldest of 5 siblings, John was determined to support his family and stumbled upon the concept of “website freelancing” while searching for ways to earn additional income. He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by creating a competing website called “Brick Town Deals,” which aimed to rival Living Social and Groupon. Through this venture, he had his first encounter with entrepreneurs from various walks of life, and he developed a deep appreciation for their hunger, drive, and fascinating origin stories.


After a few months into running Brick Town Deals, John received a significant request from his first client, who asked, “Can you build me a website?” From that point on, the rest became history. John started AS with the initial goal of assisting his family, and he still carries the same drive, ambition, and principles when serving his clients. The strategies and executions we undertake for our clients go beyond simply completing tasks; they are aimed at supporting their employees, families, and communities. Most importantly, our efforts are dedicated to realizing their dreams of successfully operating and scaling their businesses to match their vision.

Our philosophy.

The most influential brands are fully committed to, and passionate about, adapting to every shift in the market. This means listening to your customer’s needs, embracing new market strategies, and turning setbacks into opportunities to truly transform your brand into a powerhouse. Your enthusiasm to explore unfamiliar roads is what will set you apart from your competitors. At Adapting Social, we understand how essential adaptability is in today’s digital world — it’s why it’s in our name!

In a digital-first World, Adapting Social’s value lies in our expertise to drive your customer’s attention to your business by validating your online credibility and showcasing the X-factor that separates you from your competition. What does this do? Helps build your brand’s reputation brick-by-brick while increasing revenue to your business. We are here to bring the most ROI possible to your marketing strategy.

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Adapting Social Team Meeting
Why choose Us

How we are different from everyone else.

An agency built for entrepreneurs, by an entrepreneur. Finally, a digital marketing agency structured to be your biggest partner, and your biggest fan.

Custom Digital Strategy Guide.

We understand that every industry is unique. Even more so, every business is different - which is why our team uses data-driven strategies to create a custom digital guide tailored to you and your revenue goals.

Your Dedicated Marketing Expert.

With a dedicated marketing strategist, every client receives the TLC their business needs to drive results and exceed goals. Leave the strategy, coordination and analysis to them! While you focus on your business, your dedicated strategist will oversee the day-to-day items needed to manage your online presence.

Integrity & Transparency.

We are breaking agency stereotypes. We believe every business should have full access and ownership to their platforms and assets. As your marketing partner, our goal is to ensure you are up-to-date on all marketing efforts at any point in time.


Our mission.

We help our clients become the next and best versions of themselves.

Our mission is clear. It is to help small to medium-sized companies generate revenue while building a credible and respectable brand online where ALL consumers live and spend most of their time. We give our clients the ability to be hands-off while we become a part of their team to help build their business and take it to a new level of branding and profitability.


Who we work with.

There is no set guide to digital marketing. With every update, of every platform, the landscape changes — consumer behavior changes. To be able to creatively adapt to an ever-changing digital World is not just our full-time job, it’s our passion. With each rapid turn in the market, the most powerful brands are ready to roll with the punches, pivot and adapt. This involves the capacity to understand and adjust to your customer’s needs; and deliver to their expectations. In a digital-first World, Adapting Social provides value to small and mid-sized businesses by driving your target customer’s attention to your business, building your online reputation, and increasing your revenue

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