Adapting Social Takes a Quantum Leap with New Board of Advisors

New York, 10/26/2023 — In a momentous stride forward, Adapting Social, a trailblazing force in
the world of digital marketing and social engagement, has proudly unveiled its inaugural Board
of Advisors, marking a transformative chapter in its 15-year history. The esteemed advisory
board welcomes two industry titans, Ian Maskell, former Global Vice President of Unilever, and
Alain E. Groenendaal, former President of Grey Advertising.

Ian Maskell, a distinguished expert in Nutritional Biochemistry holding a PhD from Newcastle
University, embarked on his illustrious career as a Nutritionist at Mars Petcare. His journey took
him to China in 1996, where he spearheaded the launch of Mars Petcare in the world’s largest
market. With unmatched dedication and innovation, he ascended to the role of Chief Marketing
Officer for Mars China. In 2006, Ian embarked on a new odyssey at Unilever China, where he
led the Ice Cream division in North Asia and ultimately became the Global Ice Cream CMO in

Ian Maskell’s journey was marked by his close collaborations with governments, veterinary
professionals, global agencies, and the stewardship of world-leading brands such as M&M’s,
Snickers, Dove, Pedigree, and many more. His profound emphasis on new product
development, innovation, responsible business practices, and an unwavering commitment to
brand purpose and food ethics has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Quote from Ian
“Adapting Social is a new breed of digital agency. A visionary team of social
media natives who understand its potential & how to harness its power. Brands must adapt
to win as social media & commerce evolve. Adapting social is writing the playbook. I am thrilled
to join their board and help them shape the future of marketing”.

Alain E. Groenendaal, on the other hand, is a visionary leader with a distinguished track record
in creatively driven organizational leadership, business turnarounds, and digital transformation.
His extensive international experience spans the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the
global landscape. Alain’s illustrious career includes tenures at leading global marketing
agencies such as Accenture, Grey, Leo Burnett, and the independent firm, The Community. He
has successfully revitalized underperforming operations, reengineered organizations to thrive in
the digital age, and forged partnerships with global industry giants like Procter & Gamble, Best
Buy, Citibank, and many more.

Alain’s unique combination of European, U.S., and Canadian background, fluency in four
languages, and a relentless drive for innovation and non-conformity with the status quo make
him an ideal partner for Adapting Social’s journey into the future.

The establishment of this Board of Advisors represents a strategic leap towards positioning
Adapting Social as a premier digital marketing agency for blue-chip enterprises. The synergy of
Ian Maskell and Alain E. Groenendaal’s wealth of experience and visionary thinking is set to
drive innovation and excellence, particularly in the field of AI technology, customer service
automation, and lead generation.

Quote from Alain
“It is always exciting to work with ambitious, innovative entrepreneurs like the Adapting Social Team. I look forward to helping them take the agency to the next level.”

CMO Megan Gianvito shared her enthusiasm, saying, “Throughout the years, we’ve met a ton of
incredible mentors and Sherpas, but I truly can’t contain my excitement about this dynamic duo.
To have two prestigious and well-experienced mentors who have built success for numerous
agencies and brands guiding Adapting Social gives me unwavering confidence that the vision
we have for the future is right within our reach. Along with their experience in navigating blue
chip/agency partnerships, Alain and Ian add to the transformation of our agency through
creative collaboration and strategic-forward thinking discussions. Together, they inspire and
motivate – and I’m elated to move mountains with them.”

COO Christopher Iafelice expressed his delight, saying, “I am absolutely elated to welcome Ian
and Alain to the Adapting Social board of advisors. With their unparalleled experience, they’ll be
instrumental in positioning Adapting Social as a premier Digital Marketing agency for top-tier
blue chip companies. Their rich experience is not just an asset, it’s a game-changer for us and
will undeniably propel us to new heights. Together, we’re not just dreaming big—we’re living it.”

CEO John A. Vagueiro conveyed his excitement, stating, “I am extremely honored and excited
to have both Ian and Alain on our Board of Advisors. We have been planning to build a Board
for a few years now but didn’t want to settle on just anyone. When the opportunity presented
itself with these two, it was like being the coach of a basketball team and having Michael Jordan
and Scottie Pippen as advisors! No brainer. Their experience in working with some of the
biggest and most influential brands in the world is going to help Adapting Social gear up to
innovate for our clients and blue-chip clients on a whole other level. I am extremely grateful for
those two!”

Adapting Social is on the cusp of a remarkable transformation and a future filled with
unparalleled success, thanks to the guidance of its distinguished Board of Advisors.
For further information about Adapting Social and its journey, please visit

Media Contact:
Steven Iafelice – – 732-383-7439

About Adapting Social: Adapting Social is a leading digital marketing and social engagement
agency known for its innovative approach to branding and advertising. With a diverse and
creative team, Adapting Social has a rich history of delivering outstanding marketing solutions
for clients across various industries. Their commitment to adapting to the ever-evolving
landscape of social media and digital marketing has made them a trusted partner for businesses
seeking to expand their online presence in 20 countries globally.

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