Adapting Social Gives Back

For every business that works with Adapting Social, we will give a micro-loan to another striving entrepreneur from Kiva to help them grow and succeed.




The Adapting Social Credo

What is Kiva?

Microloans For Entrepreneurs Doing Amazing Things

As a non-profit organization, enables people in any location to act as Internet-based lenders to fund low-income entrepreneurs and students in more than 80 different countries. Kiva’s primary goal and mission is “to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”

Proud To

We embody the philosophy that the secret to living is giving back. Our social mission is to leave this floating rock we call home better than we found it. We do so by focusing on nonprofits and charity organizations in proximity to our offices and giving back to make a difference in the communities that we truly call home in addition to utilizing energy-efficient ways to operate our business.

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