John Vagueiro

Chief Executive Officer | Founder

John is the Chief Executive Officer where he leads new business development and client relationships.

John knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur because he is a successful entrepreneur. He started his company, Adapting Social when he was 18 years old, entirely self-funded and based out of his parent’s basement with the sole goal in mind of paying his parent’s mortgage. In the past decade, he has since grown Adapting Social to what it is today – a full-service design and marketing agency that provides service to and has the honor of working with clients in the United States and 20+ other countries across the globe. 

Aside from Adapting Social, John also owns equity in several other companies in various fields including technology and education. Though over time, Adapting Social has grown to work with clients and businesses ranging in size from one-person startups to Fortune 500-level companies, John’s heart has always been focused on small businesses. John prides himself on his mission of helping small businesses thrive and reach their full potential through means of creative marketing strategies and hands-on guidance influenced by the wealth and knowledge he has amassed from his own experiences as an entrepreneur. 

When John is not closing a deal with a client or providing massive value to audiences at his speaking engagements, you can find him hosting his podcast, Breaking Barriers. Breaking Barriers is a show where John connects with business owners and entrepreneurs alike on their unique stories, their successes, the trials and tribulations they faced along the way, and what has kept them motivated to keep going. John is also a philanthropist and an outspoken advocate for those struggling with anxiety. He knows the immense importance of conditioning yourself to take on obstacles while retaining a positive outlook and never losing site of your “why”.


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