Kaitlin Crocilla.

Assistant Marketing Manager

Katie is the Asst. Marketing Manager where she helps oversee a team of innovators and ensure all content produced matches our standards.

Kaitlin Crocilla graduated from Ramapo College with a degree in Global Communications and Media. Her time at Ramapo, as well as her time as an exchange student at the Florence University of the Arts, now allows her to approach problems and create strategies with a greater perspective and analytical thinking.

With a background in public relations and influencer marketing, Katie decided her passion lay truly in digital marketing and the ability to provide concrete results for clients. With 4+ years of experience specializing in consumer technology, housewares, health care, & small business industries, she now serves as Adapting Social’ Assistant Marketing Manager.

In her day-to-day role, she works alongside AS’ Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Manager to help oversee the Account Strategist team. From staying ahead on industry trends to quality assurance checks, she helps to ensure our team is serving AS’ clients as best as possible.

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