Megan Gianvito

Chief Marketing Officer

Megan is the Chief Marketing Officer where she oversees the company strategy, including new business and client relationships.

Megan started her career in New York City immersed in the fashion industry. After gaining experience with elite fashion brands and publications – the self-realization of being an avid people watcher, active daydreamer, and detailed list architect hit.

To succeed in a role that felt rewarding and energizing, she would have to combine these attributes and be surrounded by like-minded mentors along the way. In 2016 the opportunity to join Adapting Social arose and Megan quickly found she was at the right place; with the ability to brainstorm and build marketing experiences for consumers of all types.

Currently, Megan is the Chief Marketing Officer at Adapting Social, where she is able to exercise leadership, creativity, and innovation in an effort to build better brand visibility and credibility. Her ultimate goal as a CMO is to ensure businesses across the globe are able to find and connect with Adapting Social as their marketing and design expert.

As the World around us changes, consumer behavior does as well, which in turn impacts marketing. To keep up with the ever-changing industry, Megan participates in various webinars, conferences, and networking groups to continue on a path of becoming a respected thought leader in the Digital Marketing community.

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