Offensive Strategy During COVID 19

Most businesses owners’ thoughts are “It’s time to dial back during these uncertain times”. Who the hell wants to lay down and just accept what is happening to them? There is nothing entrepreneurial about that! This is the moment we begin to be proactive. The time is NOW! As a small business in this economy we cannot afford to be out of our clients and prospective clients top of mind awareness! The time to drive great content forward is now!

Begin focusing on a remote strategy for your business. For example, as a gym owner since we cannot get your members in your gym at this moment in time, to keep them on board and getting value during this time of being home set up a private Facebook Group where you can live stream and still conduct classes for your members while they are home! It’s time to get the full family involved here!

Have a product based business that requires your customers to physically come purchase? That’s ok, at this time the focus is to KEEP you as a resource in your industry. For example: If you are a baker grab your laptop or camera and start doing DYI videos on how people in this time of being locked in at home can bake delicious snacks with ingredients laying around their pantry. Your clients and prospective clients are going to LOVE this content. We are going to help you produce and push this content!

The point is, this is the time to build your audience because your prospective customers are going to be hooked on their devices like never before in addition to having your current customers see you position yourself in this time of uncertainty as a resource.

Many businesses over the next few weeks will be just laying down and falling flat, we will not allow our customers to be one of the statistics. We are in this together and will fight to keep your business at top of mind to your target audience. If you need help with your businesses positioning in this time reach out to us:

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