Understanding the Consumer Journey

You cannot ignore the journey of each and every consumer.

Picture this, you own your own company that makes healthy juices for those looking to feel better and live better. Your consumer can end up being a mom that practices yoga on a daily basis and constantly rushes around for her kids or a fitness specialist who just graduated college and is looking to get their daily nutrient intake. Both of these individuals live completely different lives but you must account for both in order to get the most sales and help your business succeed.

According to Megan Connor, Adapting Social’s CMO, “each buyer persona has their own journey. You must create a strategy that allows each person to feel like content was created specifically for them”

In 2019, professional marketers like those on our team at AS have hundreds of ways to formulate buyer personas that perfectly reflect the ideal customer of a specific business. To go back to the example mentioned in the beginning, both the mom who practices yoga and fitness specialist are both buyer personas that represent exactly who that juice company would like to direct their marketing to. Throughout the consumer journey, a buyer will enter through three steps before ultimately becoming a customer. The steps are awareness, consideration, and decision.


The very first step of the consumer journey is awareness. This begins by a consumer looking up a specific question that relates to your business, reading one of your blog posts, or even seeing one of your posts on social media. They are now aware of your business and can see what your business brings to the table. It is also possible that the consumer searched a question on the internet like, “juice companies in my area,” and your business popped up. Making an impact during this segment of the journey is extremely important because with the right advertisement, post, or article your business can maximize top-of-mind awareness and can result in a very positive outcome.


After a consumer is able to locate the answer that they are looking for and hopefully clicking on the link to your website, if you have got a killer one, they will be presented with the opportunity to learn even more about you. This process shows that not every consumer journey begins on your home page. It takes stellar marketing practices to drive them there which is why correctly marketing is truly a synergistic process. To get the most out of your website you must provide cutting-edge video content, video testimonials that allow you to leverage your credibility, photos and additional content featuring your team and office, and beautifully written language that tells the user exactly what they need to know. At this step, showcasing the authenticity of your brand is absolutely crucial.


This is the final stage of the consumer journey where the customer will either give you a call to inform you that they would like to do business with you, orders a product from you over the phone, or clicks “check out” on your website. It is very important to understand how consumers behave in the face of payment on your site. An abandoned shopping cart is an absolutely devastating sight so be sure that you provide assurances against stolen identity, price increases, and also state your return policy. You may also introduce promotions or upsells at this point as well. By examining analytics and data traffic, you can understand your visitor demographics and conduct research that will show how well your website works. From start to finish, the better data you have on your consumer the better, which is why having professionals like our team on your side is essential.

Having a deep understanding of the consumer journey is very important for an overall successful e-commerce strategy. This will help you increase revenue, conversion rates, average order value, and overall digital marketing presence. Our dedicated team is always studying and developing new ways to learn about the journey of consumers which is why working with us will allow you to get a better understanding of who is purchasing your products or services. In a world where more and more people are making purchases, knowing who is spending will be worth its weight in gold.

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