Voice Searches and Your Website: What You Need to Know

Voice Searches and Your Website: What You Need to Know

The importance of taking advantage of voice searches.

Remember watching the original “Iron Man” movie when Tony Stark could talk to his computer and the machine would give an answer? That is the world we live in now. Siri, Amazon Echo, and Cortana are all voice-based options on phones and other smart devices that allow us to search for information with just a word. These devices can be asked questions ranging from “what time is it?” to “does this shoe come in size 11?” Voice searching isn’t going away anytime soon; in fact, this feature will likely become more common in a few years. Your small business needs to take advantage of this, to keep your business strong, and stay ahead of the competition.

Now is the time to optimize your website for voice searches, not tomorrow. The Adapting Social family will show you the steps to take full advantage of this new technology. We are all about saving small business and want yours to be ready for the new digital age. Whether you are a major chain or a small mom and pop shop, incorporating voice searches is not optional for your digital presence. The world is changing faster than ever before and we want no small business to be left behind. Our expert marketing team knows exactly what you need to optimize your website for voice searches. Maximizing every potential aspect of your website is the key to success and we don’t need to tell you how important that is.

Master Long-Tail+ Keywords

SEO (search engine optimization) is extremely important to your website. SEO works by having keywords on your website that help search engines zero in on your content. While these keywords work perfectly with Google, things change drastically when a client voice searches. Keywords can’t just be keywords anymore, they need to be long-tail+. A long-tail+ is a keyword rich phrase that someone using voice search will utilize. The + refers to conversational phrases that the long-tail is likely to include. Optimizing both of these is absolutely necessary to the success of your website.

Make Long-Tail+ Conversational

A long-tail+ is a question or phrase a customer would ask in person or on the phone. For example, hours or services can be turned into the long-tail+ of “What are your hours?” or “When do you open?”.Making sure these SEO phrases are conversational is key to implementing them effectively. Clients are talking to their devices and they are going to use conversational language. Studies show that customers talk to their devices as if they are having a conversation and in turn, devices are learning understand and respond to this type of language. Making sure you have some amazing long-tail+ mixed with effective SEO will be a HUGE BOOST to your voice search potential.

Write Local Content

You need to have locally focused SEO on your website especially if you are a small business. 22 percent of all searches online in 2016 were specifically geared towards local content and that the number has only increased over time. Maximizing your local reach is a must for any website and that necessity doesn’t change due to voice search. In fact, you should take advantage of the voice search option to help improve your local reach. Localizing your keywords and longtail+ is the perfect way to include local content. An example of this would be a customer asking Alexa “When does the beach open?”.If your website has local content, Google will recognize it and rank you higher.

Reduce Page Loading Time

How long should it take for a website to load? The answer that most experts agree on is 3 seconds. Any longer and clients might lose interest and leave, never to return. How does reducing loading time help your website with voice searches? Google Home searches take into account page loading time. The faster a page loads, the better ranking that website will have thus improving site traffic. With a reduced loading time your website will rank higher when voice searched, bringing in new clients. This spells success for your website by optimizing your voice search potential.

Voice searching isn’t going away anytime soon, the opposite is true with this method of search becoming more common. The AS family wants you to have the highest search potential possible, especially with voice searches. Saving small business is our goal and making sure your website is operating at its maximum potential is crucial to this. Our professional team of experts are ready to help you take advantage of the digital age to advance your business. Let’s take your digital presence to the next level together. Call us today to get started!

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