What you need to know about YouTube SEO

How to use YouTube to maximize the odds of you being discovered on Google.

How many hours of content are watched a day on YouTube? 10,000? 1 million? 100 million? Every day, 1 billion hours of content is watched on this streaming site. Videos on YouTube fill a number of roles for viewers. They watch everything from clips of their favorite film to reviews of products to live coverage of breaking events. It’s also the perfect platform to reach new customers and show off what makes your business unique. How can you make sure your company is found in the ocean of content? By maximizing your search engine optimization (SEO). The Adapting Social family is all about bringing your small business’ digital presence to the next level. We know for a fact that having killer YouTube content can help boost your business but its SEO needs to be on point! Take your business to its full potential by having SEO that blows away the competition. Our expert team wants nothing more than to help your business gain an edge on the competition.

Maximize keywords in title and description

SEO is based on keywords or phrases that a customer searching for a product or service would use in Google. For example, someone looking for information on local pizza restaurants would search “pizza near me” or “local pizza.” The YouTube search engine operates on the same principle. What viewers search for on the site will be matched with keywords and phrases. Adding keywords to your video title will rank it higher on searches, but if you really want to maximize SEO, fill your description with keywords. Descriptions are short blurbs discussing what your video is about. Adding key phrases allows you to gain SEO without crowding your title.


While the average YouTube video is 4 minutes, some videos can be over 6 hours. Viewers may ignore extended videos since this is too much to sort through. How do you fix this issue? With timestamping. This simple method allows you to link specific moments in a video for viewers to locate particular information. This also allows you to add in more keywords and phrases giving you greater SEO potential. Do you have a two-hour video on car repair? Timestamp every step of the process while adding keywords to those moments. This makes your video more appealing and useful to viewers while also boosting its SEO.

Add a Location

To really take your SEO to the next level, add a specific location to your video. This not only increases your potential reach but emphasizes your impact on local searches. Are you a restaurant or other business that relies heavily on local support? Add your location to make sure potential clients in your area see your videos. The more local business you can drive, the better you will rank and the better your bottom line. We don’t need to tell you why that is important!

Transcript as much as possible

Sometimes you can only fit so many keywords in your title and video description. To get the most SEO potential out of your video, take some time to transcribe it. Youtube offers a subtitle feature where you can write subtitles for your video. How does this help SEO? The transcription is taken into account when someone uses the search option thus giving you more keywords and phrases. You can repeat multiple keywords in a transcript without the worry of inflating your title and description. Taking time to write the audio out will give you a major SEO boost. What could be a better investment of your time?

Youtube is a goldmine of potential for small business’. The benefits you can reap from having amazing content with effective SEO will ensure you have a successful digital presence. Adding a location, using keywords in the description and title, timestamps, and transcribing will ensure you’re a step ahead of the competition. Adapting Social is driven to help save small business. We want you to have the digital presence you deserve to keep your career going strong. No business should be without social media or a website, which is why our experts are standing by. They are ready to help evaluate your business and ensure you have stunning authentic organic content. Don’t wait, contact us today! To learn more about Adapting Social and your digital presence, check out our blog.

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