3 New Social Media Marketing Trends Your Business Should Be Utilizing

In the world of social media marketing, things are constantly changing. If you’re not persistently researching and making a conscious daily effort to stay in the loop, it’s easy to fall behind. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here! Below are 3 huge new social media marketing trends your business HAS to be utilizing:

1. Instagram Stories

Instagram recently stole a page from Snapchat’s book by adding a story feature at the top of the feed. Now social browsers can see what their favorite Instagrammers are doing for 24 hours. This has been a HUGE opportunity for businesses to showcase their brands in a prime location on the app. Large brands like Starbucks, Taco Bell, and JCrew have already been taking advantage, as well as smaller brands like Justin’s PB and HubSpot!

2. Social Chat

Chat is no longer just used for internal communications, but it’s being used more and more to engage with prospects in a more personalized manner! Did you know that over 900 million people today use Facebook Messenger? People are becoming more interested in actually communicating, rather than just broadcasting. In addition to frequently posting to gain an audience, businesses need to start utilizing chat apps to engage in real-time with their leads!

3. Live Video Streaming

According to the VP of Facebook in Europe, Nicola Mendelsohn, Live videos receive 10x more comments than pre-recorded videos! As video has taken over our social feeds, live streaming has popped up on the horizon as the new sidekick to regular video. Whether it be Facebook Live, Periscope, SnapChat, or Instagram, engaging with your audience in real-time through video is becoming essential to your social strategy. Video helps humanize your brand, but live video actually connects an individual to your brand in real-time, which is even more powerful than well-produced recorded content! No need to be a professional videographer, either. The biggest benefit of live video is that the production quality isn’t expected to be high! So how can you use live video? You can use it to build excitement about a new product release, show off your company culture, give live coverage of an event, lead a virtual tour or even host a live Q&A with your followers. The possibilities are endless!

Every single week, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are releasing new features and improving old ones. It’s almost impossible to run a business full time efficiently while worrying about maintaining a strong, ever changing social presence. Adapting Social will create engaging content for your social platforms while constantly adjusting your social strategy to keep you ahead of your competitors!

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