6 Google Secrets: Leaked

As we know, every so often, Google’s myriad of algorithms change, along with their resources – from SEO guides to search functions. Whether you’re a Google expert or a self-learning YouTube extraordinaire, these search engine secrets may come as a surprise to you.

Google Search Secret #1: Google has advanced search functions.

Despite consumers using google’s search bar to explore new findings daily, many have yet to utilize their advanced search features. These search engine tools include a hashtag search function guides that help users optimize for search engine optimization.

That’s right! Search Engine Optimizers all over are swooning over this feature. You can search for similar google results with related. By adding “related:” to your search query, you will be able to view results that are similar or identical topics. If you’re looking to broaden your knowledge on one particular topic – this is the tool for you! The related tool comes in handy for business owners looking to identify their competition.

Google Search Secret #2: Google makes thousands of updates yearly.

That’s right… thousands of updates are made on Google each year. Just to put that in perspective for you… if there were JUST a thousand updates made, that means that the search algorithm changes 2.7 times per day…meaning your strategy and execution tactics are in jeopardy at least that many times per day. Nobody has time for that! (Except Adapting Social’s SEO team).

These updates can change how pages are displayed in the search engine results pages and can even impact your site’s search visibility. Staying up to date with Google is important, but you don’t want to be behind their trends, but rather anticipating them.

Recently, Google plans to remove all third party cookies from its search engine – posing a threat to marketers looking to retarget their target market or learn more about their consumers.

Google Search Secret #3: Google’s Secret Conferences.

If you haven’t gotten the invitation to attend Google’s annual summer “Google Camp” don’t feel bad. The company’s secret conference pulls together the more elite meeting of the minds to discuss humanitarian topics such as global warming and nationwide education.

If you do get the chance to attend, you would be amongst former presidents, celebrities, designers and tech leaders.

Google Search Secret #4: Google is More Than a Search Engine.

Most use Google to search queries far and wide, but the search engine offers fun “easter eggs” that provide entertainment and connection for their users. For example:

Animal Sounds

Whether you’re teaching your kids the nuances among varying animal sounds or simply want to have some nature-themed time, this secret feature can be accessed by entering the search phrase “animal sounds” into the search bar.

Tic Tac Toe

If you’re in search of some entertainment and are craving nostalgia, you can try your hand at a classic game of X’s and O’s. Enter the term tic tac toe into the search bar, and you’ll be on your way to a competitive game with Google AI.

Coin Flip

Found yourself sitting with a yes or no question that the flip of a coin can only decide? Simply enter the phrase flip a coin into the search bar, and you’ll have your answer.

Google Search Secret #5: Search a Site from Google

On sites where you need to find your answers quickly, head over to Google to use their site search function. Users can easily search a website’s content for a specific query by adding site:[website] before their search query.

Google Search Secret #6: Customize the number of results that display

It’s everyone’s goal to be on page 1 of Google. But – Did you know that page 1 differs from person to person? You can alter the number of results on each page by heading to “settings” and adjusting the number of websites that show.

Ranking on Google is not an easy task, but it is achievable! Understanding the platform inside and out will help you to better format strategies that work for your business. Take advantage of the many features Google has to offer to help! And, as always, if you need extra assistance, our team of SEO experts are ready to help you scale your business.

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