6 Social Media Predictions for 2021

And, just like that, we are preparing small business marketing strategies for 2021! Has anyone else blinked, and the entire year just passed by? While not everything may have gone as planned this year, we did takeaway some insights & trends that will help your business propel in the New year.

#1: Socially Conscious Audiences

Brand Transparency has swept across social platforms. Now more than ever, consumers are able to observe and understand how brands respond to global issues such as; politics, equality and mental health. In the past, businesses have stayed quiet when it came to sensitive topics alike, however, consumers are seeking, if not encouraging, brands to speak up about their views and opinions on these topics. Consumers want to know that they are supporting a brand that is equally as social conscious as they are. Take this approach seriously, and put some thought into how your views may affect your brand prior to pushing content!

#2: Social Giants Adapt Platforms to New Behavior

As consumer behavior changes, Facebook and Instagram have also begun to change their platforms to better accommodate the user experience. Reels and videos have skyrocketed, forcing Instagram to change its interface for easier access to reels its users are making. With this change, businesses should take advantage of creating fun engaging content through reels to maximize exposure and engagement amongst it’s followers!

#3: Conversational Marketing on the Rise

As most of the workforce migrated to working from home, many are looking for meaningful conversation through social networks. Content that is seemingly unauthentic will be ignored for accounts that spark real conversations with its followers. Not sure where to start? Ask a question in your caption, and then reply to all those that comment on your posts, encouraging the conversation to progress!

#4: Throwback Thursday turns to Throwback Everyday?

We all love a good throwback, but apparently consumers are longing for trips down memory lane more often than usual. Nostalgia mentions increased 88% during lockdown! Remember, your consumer is looking to relate to you, so by creating nostalgic posts that many associate with, you are helping to build an (online) relationship!

Bust out those 90’s tees and get to work! Over the next year, 90’s nostalgia is expected to flood social media (& retailers).

#5: Memes Flood Messages

Trying to figure out how to be hip and trendy? Do as the younger generations do! A study by YPulse showcased 55% of 13-35-year-olds send memes every week. What’s that saying? A picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a meme is worth a million.

This tells us that sharing memes is on the rise, and our ultimate goal is to create shareable content that will promote brand awareness. Incorporating memes into your social content creates relatable, and shareable content that will encourage your consumers to share your social media with their friends. The more shares, the more new eyes on your page!

#6: All About the C’s

Coronavirus content is on the rise. It’s been reported that 78% of consumers want brands to help them in their daily lives*. Social content focusing on community, cleanliness, contactless and compassion are seen to be increasingly engaged with. Where consumers were going to websites to view information about a business, many are resorting to social media pages for daily updates and detailed insights. Social media has allowed many consumers to analyze a business before making contact with them. For example, for a restaurant a consumer may go to Instagram to look at the food you offer, the COVID-19 safe measures your restaurant is taking, and for a sneak peak of the atmosphere. If one of their checkboxes isn’t marked, they can easily go on to the next restaurant until they find what they are looking for. Much more convenient than walking around a town searching for options!

Who knows what will happen in 2021! 2020 took us by surprise, and based on the consumer behavior pattern that displayed throughout the past few months, it’s safe to say that these few social predictions will carry throughout 2021. Start strategizing now to get ahead of your competition!

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