3 Ways for Startups to Bounce Back Stronger In 2021

No matter where you look, businesses are adapting rapidly – One way walking lanes in stores, plexiglass barriers, QR codes to scan menus – there are so many ways the consumer experience has altered. And, there’s no way of knowing how long this will last!

Because of the experience gained throughout the pandemic, entrepreneurs have become more intentional with their business plans. Many businesses are reinventing the way they operate in order to, not just stay in business, but continue to be competitive in their market. Dynamic solutions have stemmed from the hunger to learn and grow in this once-in-a-lifetime environment, and will continue to do so as businesses adapt and innovate.

Identify your communities needs.

Just because a pandemic shook things up, doesn’t mean consumer needs have vanished – they’ve just changed. Businesses of various industries have pivoted to keep their doors open. Restaurants have innovated by offering takeout and delivery services, as well as, offering menus via QR codes and even creating meal kits for their patrons to cook from home. Real estate agents have shifted the home purchasing experience to take place online, offering virtual tours and online closing processes. Gyms have transferred their motivation and guidance online through virtual workouts and communities. All of these changes are taking place, and it’s possible that even when “normal” life resumes, the needs for these convenient online, or door-to-door services will stick around. By identifying what your community needs are NOW, you will be able to attract a broader customer base in the future.

Future-proof your office space and business model.

Restaurants, gyms and retailers aren’t the only businesses that are adapting for their consumer. Workplaces in every industry have experienced the shake-up of the pandemic and are likely to remain different in a post-coronavirus World. Offices around the globe are transforming their office spaces to accommodate their teams for years to come.

This is the time to think about what your office dynamic looks like in the future. Will you be planning a building renovation to open up office layouts that keep team members at a safe distance? Will you be operating fully online? Will you adopt a hybrid business model, operating both in-person and virtually?

Along with these changes come procedural changes, as well. Businesses now have the opportunity to automate processes, and explore technology they wouldn’t have considered previously. Planning these details out now will make a difference in the success they have in upcoming years. In fact, many businesses are pioneering these hybrid operations and new areas of revenue are being implemented as a result!

Be a Good Neighbor.

Throughout history, community has been emphasized as a means of survival. Your tribe helped to look after your family, and everyone played a part in daily activities & necessities. Overtime we have drifted away from the true meaning of community. Luckily, the pandemic has reunited communities all over the World. Businesses are promoting giveaways, fundraisers, virtual events and more to entertain and occupy those in quarantine. As these relationships are created, the community builds a bond with the small businesses, which results in sales & additional opportunities in a post-pandemic World.

As we wrap up 2020, it’s important to reflect on the valuable lessons and experiences that came as a result of the pandemic. Small Businesses can thrive in 2021 if the proper planning and initiative is in place. From business operations to new revenue streams and more – there is so much opportunity for businesses to shine in this decade. Grab a pen and paper, check out our work from home tips to increase your productivity – and get to planning!

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