Gladiator Trip: Caitlin’s Ireland Adventure

Location: Ireland (Dublin, Cork, Kinsale, Galway, Sligo, Leitrim)

Length of Trip: 10 Days

Landmarks: Blarney Stone, Trinity College, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Guinness Factory, Jameson Distillery, Cliffs of Moher, Grandmother’s childhood house (That’s a Landmark in our book).

Caitlin Morris is the Web Department Manager at Adapting Social. Starting her AS journey in 2016 as a web designer, Cait quickly developed into an inspiring leader and mentor.

Gladiator of the Year is a title Adapting Social awards to one team member each year. The award highlights the altruism and core values exemplified not just in the office, but in the team members day-to-day interactions outside the workplace, as well.


Green, EVERYWHERE! If there is one thing that stands out from the photos Caitlin shared with us from her trip, it’s that green is such a prominent color in the country; from the rolling hills to lush cliff sides to pub decor and signage. Caitlin had a few other things stand out to her, though.

“Seeing the Cliffs of Moher in person was absolutely breathtaking.” You may recognize the landmark from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price, or The Princess Bride. The famous cliff side has been on the big screen for many movies, TV series and ads.

Cliffs of Moher
untitled image

“Not only was I able to meet family members from my mom’s side in person, my friend and I helped our AirBnb host rescue a swan out of a river in Galway! The country is filled with the nicest people, and lots of live music!”

“My favorite part was being able to see the town and home my Grandma grew up in after hearing her talk about it my entire life.”

We believe that we are who we are because of our experiences and family. What better way to celebrate being Gladiator of the Year than being able to enjoy the country your ancestors built your family from.

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