Gladiator Trip: Joey Visits Boulder, Colorado

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Length of Trip: 8 Days

Landmarks: Rocky Mountain National Park, Dushanbe Teahouse, Red Rock Amphitheater, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Boulder Falls, Pearl Street, The Flat Irons.

Visiting Boulder, Colorado was a trip that 2019 Gladiator of the Year, Joey, had been dreaming of taking for a long time! With the award of Gladiator, Joey was finally able to make that dream a reality.

Joey Santomauro is one of our incredibly talented Sr. Web Designers. Starting as an intern in 2018, he quickly became an asset to our company and an all-around team player. Gladiator of the Year is a title Adapting Social awards to one team member each year. The award highlights the altruism and core values exemplified not just in the office, but in the team members day-to-day interactions outside the workplace, as well.


Naturally, we want to live through all our gladiators on their trips. The excitement of traveling; visiting a new place and seeing new sights!

Boulder, Colorado in the fall is a sight to see, as the leaves change color and the air gets brisk. A perfect place to refresh and recharge!

We’ll let Joey take it from here……

“A highlight that I really enjoyed was the Astronomy Tour. We were given the opportunity to use high end telescopes to view the stars and it was unlike anything I’ve seen before. I was able to see constellations, The Milky Way, Andromeda, a dead star, a meteor entering our atmosphere, and so much more.

All of the best highlights took place outdoors. Being able to go to the Rocky Mountain National Park, hike diverse trails, and even just the long drives between destinations included so many sights that I won’t soon forget.

My favorite restaurant was, hands down, Dushanbe Teahouse. Not only was the food and tea amazing, our server was able to give us a brief history of the architecture and how the restaurant came to be. If I ever find myself back in Boulder, I will definitely be eating there again!”


We already know the foodies out there are wondering where the best spots to eat are. Hey! Something’s gotta fuel the hustle, right? Might as well be a nice meal at a local business! Some of the restaurants Joey visited were:

The Sink was originally a European-style restaurant named Summer’s Sunken Gardens. Its focal point was a large, sunken fountain in the middle of the dining room. It’s patron-given nickname “The Sink” eventually became the new establishment name in 1940. It’s since evolved, but the history dating back 80+ years is still prevalent. Today, The Sink is known for Boulder’s Best Burger.

A neighborhood favorite, Attic Bar & Bistro is known as an authentic neighborhood watering hold in Boulder, CO. With local drafts, made-from-scratch foods, and inviting atmosphere, Attic is a must-stop on the foodie list.

It doesn’t have to be Taco Tuesday to enjoy this authentic Mexican restaurant! The food and libation recipes have been passed down through generations, and have honored flavors and ingredients from all seven regions of Mexico.

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