How Blogs Can Help You Leverage Your Credibility While Boosting SEO

The benefits of adding a blog to your company’s website.

There was once a time when blogs were simple little blurbs written by someone discussing life on the internet. What started as a small diary has evolved into one of the best ways to drive site traffic. Blogs are an incredible resource in online marketing, especially in today’s competitive market. In order to truly make a splash with your business, it is necessary to have a website that includes a blog. Regularly updating your blog section with fresh and relevant content is one of the best ways to help grow your online presence. Growth is a process and we understand that it doesn’t happen overnight but we promise you that if you use blogging to promote your business, it will pay off. Our family at Adapting Social is all about helping small business, it’s our team’s greatest passion. From discussing a recent event to innovations to providing readers with advice, a properly written blog will allow you to become a resource in your industry while elevating your rankings on Google. In our world, that is a win-win and for us, your success is our success. If you are debating beginning a blog, here are some points that are sure to get you going from our skilled squad at AS.

Maximizing SEO

Are you familiar with SEO or why it is so important? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, something that you need to care about to run a successful business with an online presence. When someone searches on Google, they will be given the top results based on what they typed in. 95% of traffic never makes it past the first page which is why your business needs to be one of those first few precious websites. This is where the importance of SEO comes in. One of the keys to great SEO is to use relevant keywords. These keywords help the search engine connect the user to your site. When you write a blog, you need to fill it with critical keywords to maximize your site’s SEO. Being on the second page isn’t something any business can afford so pack your blogs with SEO keywords to ensure that you are one of the top results in any search.

Boosting business

A blog can tell clients a lot about you and your business so take the opportunity to sell both to them. Show off just how knowledgeable you are in the field as well as how you are unique. This also helps build a level of trust with clients and proves to them that you do know what you are talking about. A blog gives you the chance to inform clients what products or services you offer in your own voice. Finding your business’ voice is crucial to successful online marketing since it encourages trust between clients and you while also breeding brand loyalty.

Talking directly to consumers

Studies have found that clients are more likely to spend their money at a business if they feel that they’ve been treated like an individual. Clients will know the difference between something in your voice and a post that is just lazily thrown together stock images. This is why having authentic and organic content is important. Blogs give you a great avenue to speak directly with customers and those who might eventually become ones. A blog also lets you explore issues and concerns that clients might have. A well-written blog can make the difference between a client deciding to take advantage of your services or passing them up.

Encouraging website usage

We live in an age where someone can search for information about WWII one second and then be reading the latest sports scores the next. You need to find a way to keep someone on your site. The longer they are on it, the more likely they are to use your services. When someone is reading a blog, not only will they be kept on the site for a longer period, they will also be more likely to click around and check out other sections. A well-written blog that captivates the reader will always help keep someone glued to their screen and your business’ site.

At Adapting Social we will never treat you like “just another client.” Each small business owner that we work with quickly becomes a close friend and together, we grow alongside each other. Given our passion for assisting entrepreneurs, providing you with the reasons why you must start a blog is the least we can do. From content writing to formulating jaw-dropping websites, we are here to help local businesses become a resource in the game. We pride ourselves on helping small business and taking their online presence to the next level. Our expert and enthusiastic staff are driven to pursue the latest trends while also making waves of our own. When you work with us, you are working with individuals that will do whatever it takes to elevate your business and your brand. To learn more about AS and how to bring your business to the next level, check out our blog.

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