Why Having an Active Instagram Story is Crucial

One of Instagram’s best features is the story. If you have yet to take full advantage of this feature, keep on reading.

Is your business on Instagram? If not, it needs to be. In 2018, Instagram reached one billion users. This might seem shocking to some, but to others, it is the perfect opportunity to grow and promote their brand. Having an awesome Instagram is just as important as having a great website if you want to stand out in today’s business world. Instagram has some amazing features that allow you to take your posting to the next level. Aside from allowing you to make some amazing posts, Instagram allows you to create “stories” to help boost your account. 300 million people a day look at Instagram stories, so you need to tap into this group if you want to enjoy the success you crave. Adapting Social is all about helping small businesses remain ahead of the curve in digital marketing, which is why we want you to take full advantage of Instagram stories. From giving a look behind the scenes, speaking directly to the clients, or promoting your latest venture, using this key feature will take your Instagram presence to the highest tier. We think of your company’s wins as our wins; we want you to succeed. If you haven’t started using the story feature, here are some reasons why you should from our dedicated team at AS.

Get Discovered

One of the most important aspects of having any business on social media is the need to be easily discovered. Instagram stories don’t work as a traditional post. Stories allow for a business to take full advantage of the many discovery features Instagram has; maximizing the chances of being found. Check-ins, Geotags, and hashtags can all be placed in a story post. Why are these important? When someone searches one of these geotags or hashtags, they will discover your businesses account! Using this feature could mean the difference between developing a life-long customer and missing out on one. The more followers you have, the more attention your business will get and that extra attention translates to more business.

Get On The Feed

Depending on how many Instagram accounts you are following, it might be easy for your post to be lost in the endless sea of their feed unless someone is looking directly at your account. Stories, luckily, don’t have this problem and appear directly above a feed, allowing you to get to in front of the line. Every time you make a post to your business story, it is moved ahead and is displayed as one of the first on top of a clients Instagram page. Post on your story when most people are active online to jump in front of everyone! Don’t worry about other stories, when someone is viewing them they will seamlessly transition into the next account allowing users to smoothly sail through them.

Maximize Promotions

How many promotions and ads do you see as you scroll through your Instagram feed? How many seconds does it take for you to forget you even saw one? Instagram stories provide you with a way to take your promotions to the next level. Despite only existing for 24 hours, you can make as many story posts as you want. This means you will never miss those ideals windows when most users are active. You can also include links (if you have over 10,000 followers) and discount codes in every post you make; bringing customers directly to your site. Best of all, you can tag others or be tagged in stories. This opens the door for endless cross-promotion opportunities. All of this done in your company’s voice, something that shows you aren’t just another faceless corporation, is a huge way to improve your promos. Promotions and the ability to help drive site traffic are amazing perks your business can gain from Instagram stories.

Interact Directly with Your Followers

You want your followers to feel engaged when they view your Instagram content, which you can do directly when you use the story. Instagram allows you to take polls, have Q&As, and have direct responses from followers. Taking advantage of these options along with bringing original and authentic content will help you take your social media to the next level. Instagram stories also let you get direct feedback from customers. Did you just release a major promotional campaign or a new product? Use a poll via Instagram to see if people have looked at it or love the product! Followers love to feel like they are a part of the account so use Instagram stories to keep them following yours and build brand loyalty.

The Adapting Social family wants to see you succeed. Your wins are just as meaningful as our wins, which is why we want to help you take your digital marketing to its maximum potential. Taking full advantage of Instagram’s story feature is the key to becoming a massive success on social media. From getting personal feedback with followers to allowing your business to more easily found, the story feature is something that can keep you ahead of the competition. Helping small business is what we do; it’s our greatest passion in life. Our experts are ready and willing to give everything they have for your business; 120% with enthusiasm and a smile on their faces. Working with us will take your business to heights you never imagined. To learn about AS and taking your business digital marketing to its full potential, check out our blog and contact us today.

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