ICYMI: Adapting Social’s 2021 Holiday Party

Every holiday season, we sit here scratching our heads wondering where the past year went! It seems that the holiday season approaches so quickly, but we’re never mad about it. While the holidays are something we all look forward to, our excitement really stems from all of the awards and incentives we get to celebrate at the end of each year.

This 2021 Holiday Season, we hosted our annual celebration at Blu Grotto, a modern magical venue that offers classic adaptations of regional Italian dishes.

Aside from the excitement of being able to get everyone together in-person, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding our annual awards.

With so many accomplishments throughout the year, the holiday party is the perfect time to reflect on all the growth our team, company and clients have experienced.

Kicking off announcements with Call-Of-Duty awards. These recognitions go to the team members who have stood out in the organization and have made a big difference or change to where they have a promotion or title change. These people go above and beyond past the call of duty, they embody a do whatever-it-takes mentality, and are passionate about making impact for their team and clients. This year we were proud to present the following team members with the Call-Of-Duty Awards:

Jamean Berry – Client Sales Director

Matthew Napoli – Design Ops Manager

Nicole Diglio – Media Specialist

Becka Nall – Sr. Web Designer

Samantha Fredericks – Chief Experience Officer

Next Up, IPC4 Awards! Our Internal Processes Committee is a group of 4 individuals that are selected to make outstanding change to our company. Over the course of a year, they analyze what’s working and what isn’t working to brainstorm solutions that change the way we operate, how our culture evolves and how much impact we provide to our clients.

During our holiday party, we were able to celebrate the completion of the first IPC4 team!

Congratulations Christian Balogh, Caitlin Morris, Bethany Quinones and Matthew Napoli on being the first ever Adapting Social IPC4 members.

Not only are you the pioneers of team-led change within the company, you’ve contributed toward so much change, making Adapting Social the best place to work!

Don’t stop reading yet! We haven’t even gotten to Gladiator of the Year. Each year, Adapting Social awards a team member with an all-expense paid vacation for them to enjoy with their family or loved ones. This incentive is to reward one team member for not only being the poster-child for all of our core values, but for showing up both in and out of the workplace ready to help anyone they can achieve their goals. This person never displays the mentality “that’s not my job” but instead goes above and beyond to assist those around them, even if it means learning something new or getting outside their comfort zone.

In previous years, the gladiator was chosen by the Executive Team. However, this year was the first team-nominated and chosen gladiator! Anyone who won MVP of the month throughout the year was automatically put in the running for gladiator of the year. After narrowing down the candidates to 3 nominees – the team anxiously awaited to hear who would be packing their bags for vacation.

Bethany Quinones (Sr. Account Strategist), Christopher Hastings (SEO Manager) and Samantha Fredericks (Chief Experience Officer) were all nominated to win the 2021 Gladiator of the Year. It was a close call, but the winner, by two points was….

And just when we thought recognitions were complete. CEO, John Vagueiro, had just one more thing to say…

Pre-pandemic, Adapting Social launched a 5-year incentive program, rewarding those celebrating their 5 year anniversary with a $10,000 bonus. With the recent global events taking place and impacting small businesses, aka our main bloodline, we had to put the incentive on pause while we worked to grow through uncertain times.

To our surprise, John had $30,000 in checks in his pocket, ready to hand out to three team members who have celebrated their 5 years with Adapting Social since the incentive began. Megan Gianvito (CMO), Christopher Iafelice (COO) and Caitlin Morris (Web Manager) were each rewarded with a $10,000 check, along with the exciting announcement of the re-launch of the 5-year plus club!

With so many gratifying announcements during the night, the entire room was buzzing with excitement and unification. To be able to offer incentives like this to our team, not only enhances our company culture, but creates an environment where people can truly thrive.

And, before the night ended, we, of course, had to have a little fun with some raffle prizes! Three lucky guests won a pair of Airpod Pros, a DoorDash gift card and $500 cash. Now THAT is how you end a night!

We spend all year looking forward to this annual event, as it is such a special and memorable time in everyone’s careers. We are already counting down until our 2022 Holiday Party! Will we see you there? Check out our careers page to see what opportunities we have available.

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