Save Time With Micro-Content Creation

Work smarter, not harder! The most common thing we hear as a marketing agency is “I don’t have time to create content for various platforms”. We get it, as an entrepreneur, time is extremely valuable and every minute counts! So, What if we told you we could save you time AND guide you on micro-content creation?


We utilize blogs as the first step in the process, as it is the appropriate platform to elaborate in detail on your topic. Starting with the larger task may seem daunting, but other than the fact that you get it out of the way, it also sets the stage for the micro-content to come. Choose a blog topic, map out your short & long tail keywords and start writing!

SEO-friendly blogs are important to have on your website, as they act as resourceful information for your audience. By creating relevant content, you’re also showcasing your expertise to Google, allowing your site to rank higher in search engines.


Alright, you’ve got all your thoughts organized into a blog – CONGRATULATIONS! You’re halfway there! Now, take a look at your blog and note the various sections. You will use these sections as micro-content topics.

Using this blog as an example, so far we would have the following micro-content topics: Quick Steps to Create Micro-Content as an Entrepreneur, Writing SEO-Friendly Blogs, How to create micro-content from one source… and the list will go on.

1,2,3 ACTION:

Now that you have your topics, prop up that camera and start recording! As you record, you will address each topic and talk through the content you mentioned in the blog. It’s best to do this in one sitting while it’s fresh in your mind.

Each topic should be discussed for 30 seconds to 1 minute. If you find that a topic is longer than a minute, break it down even further. Releasing 2-part videos is a creative way to keep your audience engaged and on the lookout for upcoming content!


Depending on how detailed your blog was, you should have at least 3+ micro-content videos. Remember, the goal is to build multiple channels by creating micro-content. Implement your new videos into your social media content calendar to distribute to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter – or any other platform applicable to your industry.

Pro Tip: Utilize Instagram Reels to increase engagement, reach new audiences and increase visibility within the algorithm.


Because you used a blog to guide your videos, you may be able to string all your micro-content together to create a longer video. This can be utilized on YouTube to help grow your audience on that platform and continue to position your business as the expert in your industry.


If you have an email list, utilizing your newly written blog and video content in a newsletter or email announcement is a great way to stay at top-of-mind and continuously engage your subscribers.


You’ve built out this micro-content, now let’s get some potential new customers for you! It takes a few touch points for a consumer to begin to really trust your business. When finding new audiences, most will be in the “awareness stage” of the consumer journey. Rather than pushing “salesy” content that drives them away, entice them over to your site with the new material you’ve just created through a Facebook or Instagram Ad. Pick a video that leaves room for mystery, create a compelling caption and launch it to your targeted audience.


Regardless of the platform you choose to release content to, you should always be pointing your audience back toward your website. Especially since you created that in-depth blog in the beginning of this process.

Simple ways to do this are to add “Learn more with the link in the bio” or “Learn more by visiting our site” to your captions and descriptions. Any call-to-actions (CTA’s) you have on this material should lead directly to the blog link that correlates with the micro-content posted.

Ensure you have the proper pixels and codes set up on your site to be able to track and retarget any visitors. Now that you’ve caught their interest, we recommend continuing to create touch points that will lead them to a sale or contact form!

And, there you have it! With some focus and dedication, you could have weeks worth of content created in a matter of a few hours. But, if you’re still finding it difficult to clear a few hours to create content – let’s chat! Our team can help build your online presence through content creation.

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