5 Customer Service Techniques That Impact Marketing Efforts

The customer service experience your company provides can make or break a sale. Customer Service skills may come very naturally to some, while others may need a few pointers. We have compiled a list of practices that will help maintain the quality of your customer service, and enhance the experience for your customers when reaching out from online platforms.


It’s important to answer the phone friendly and professionally. With many consumers browsing online, their first personal touchpoint with your business could very well be over the phone. It is vital to ensure they have a 5-Star First Impression.

Oftentimes, our clients will give their team a short script when answering the phone such as, “Hello, thanks for calling Adapting Social, Anjelica speaking – how may I help you today?”.

Alternatively, you can begin the call with “Good Morning or Good Afternoon”. Around the holidays, it doesn’t hurt to begin with “Happy Holidays!


In any business, there comes a time where you experience a disgruntled customer. In these cases, staying positive is vital to pivoting their experience and mindset. As the customer may already be disgruntled, we do not want to add any negativity to their current state of mind. Avoid phrases like “I’m afraid that…” or “Unfortunately…”. And instead, find ways to rephrase responses to provide ONLY solutions to your customers.


If you come across a prospective customer that isn’t quite ready to do business with you, but is looking for someone to guide them in the right direction, do not just turn them down. You don’t have to spend your valuable time educating them, but this is the perfect opportunity to point them in the right direction, while directly impacting your business. Have your social handles and website readily available to send to them, or recite to them. Not only are you encouraging them to follow your social pages, but the website traffic will help increase your search engine rankings!

Tip: Have an FAQ or Resource page built out to direct your customers to. You can include form submissions or a live chat on these pages to ensure that if your potential customer needs to, they can reach out to you for further support.


Asking your potential customers where they heard about your business not only helps you to collect information about effective marketing strategies, but it also can help you to provide more information. For example, if they found you on social media, they may not have navigated to your website yet where they could have explored services, testimonials or blogs. Based on their acquisition you can recommend other resources for them to view following your conversation. This helps to keep them engaged with your business, and helps you to track effective marketing efforts.


When speaking with new customers one tactic to grow your social media follower base organically is to ask them to give your business a follow! An easy way to fit this into your conversation is to let your customer know the type of content your posting, and which platforms can offer more information about your business. For example for Adapting Social we always ask people to give us a follow for tips and tricks on how to organically grow their business online with some motivation baked in there! You can also let your customer know that you utilize stories for up-to-date and live content & announcements.

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