Stay Ahead Of Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Changes

In an attempt to create a solution for its fake news problem, Facebook recently added a feature where additional articles with alternative perspectives automatically populate your feed when reading a news story. This was just one of several News Feed algorithm changes Facebook has made in past months to improve the integrity of information on the platform.

As with every new Social Media Trend, we’re here to help you ADAPT and make sure you know how to keep reaching your audience!

Facebook’s goal with their News Feed has always been to connect people with the right stories. The right stories, meaning, the ones that users really care about. Following that goal, Facebook has recently announced several algorithm updates which are specifically focused on improving the information it surfaces for its users. Facebook explains that it is “targeting misinformation, sensationalism, click bait and posts that fall outside of our Community Standards.”

So what does that mean for your brand? Here’s how you can stay ahead of your competition by staying ahead of Facebook’s algorithm changes:

Facebook Users Value Meaningful Content

People want to see meaningful stories in their feed. Meaningful is a subjective term which really boils down to what individuals consider “informative.”

Facebook‘s VP, News Feed, Adam Mosseri explains:

“We are not in the business of picking which issues the world should read about, but we are in the business of connecting people with the stories they find most meaningful.”

It is up to brands to “create meaningful and informative stories,” that people will find interesting. Facebook explains meaningful and informative as:

“Facebook ranks News Feed by looking at how many personal signals it has (how much it means to users) but also universal signals like engagement etc. So publishers should focus on gaining a good understanding of their audience and what they find meaningful.”

Companies should focus on understanding the audiences they want to reach, creating meaningful content. It’s all about being the resource in the industry!

Facebook Users Value Informative Content

One of Facebook’s News Feed values is that is should be “informative,” as people value informative stories. However, this differs from person to person and Facebook is always trying to understand what is informative for each and every one of us.

“We’re always working to better understand what is informative to each person, so those stories appear higher up in their feed. Publishers should focus on creating content their audiences will find new, interesting, and informative.”

Companies should focus on creating content their audiences will find new, interesting, and informative!

Facebook Users Value Authenticity

Both Facebook users and Facebook itself take misinformation seriously and strive to see accurate information on the platform. Posts that are authentic and genuine will resonate most on Facebook and reach a higher audience.

Companies on Facebook should use clear headlines and stay away from sharing spam.

Facebook Users Value Safe/Respectful Behavior

Simply put, Facebook is a “community of people.” And as such with any community, standards should be taken seriously. In fact, Facebook will limit audiences or even remove them when sensitive content is shown. This includes hate speech, violence, and graphic content.

Companies should definitely closely follow Facebook’s Community Standards!

Not preparing your business for these constant changes in your content marketing strategy is preparing to fail. Adapting Social gives small businesses the opportunity to experience having their own marketing department without having to maintain one. We will help you prepare your digital marketing layout which will incorporate industry-specific trends that will keep you ahead of the competition!

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