Strengthen your SEO with Video Content

Are you putting out high-quality video content for your small business? If not, here’s why you need to.

Creating high-quality video content for your digital marketing has never been easier. All you need is a smartphone and a dedicated marketing team who cares about helping grow your business! Every day, nearly 1 billion hours of content is watched on Youtube. How many videos do you see on your Facebook feed a day? 100? 200? 500? Video has become just as important to advertising as having a social media presence and an amazing website. Most importantly, videos can drastically boost your SEO. This aspect of marketing is more important now than ever for your digital footprint, which is why we want you to know exactly how valuable it can be for your business. We are all about helping small business and want your digital presence to be as epic as possible. A jaw-dropping website with a gorgeous video is the ultimate “you are missing out if you aren’t using my product or service.” From creating hilarious skits to major promotional campaigns, no digital marketing is complete without a video.

Keeps Potential Customers Interested

Want to grow the number of those venturing to your website? Add in video content. If you have a 1-minute video related to your products or business, that is an extra minute where someone will stay on your website to view it. How does this help your SEO? This allows search engines such as Google to see that your site offers real value. Google will then give your website a higher ranking, which makes it easier to find and more likely to be a top result when searched. This all comes from “dwell time,” which is how long someone spends on your website. To maximize your website’s “dwell time,” it is essential to have an eye-catching video.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

What good is having a website if no one visits? Video content helps drive site traffic, which in turn helps to improve your SEO. The majority of clients would rather watch a video than read through paragraphs loaded with text. Posting a video on your website keeps clients glued to your pages, showing Google that people are interested in your content. The more traffic your website has the better, the better your ranking

Provide Valuable Content

SEO operates on keywords that match what a client has put into Google, but that alone doesn’t determine your ranking. If you are putting out high-quality, relevant content, you will be able to increase your ranking due to increased interest in your website. Nothing is more important than having authentic content for your digital presence, which includes video. Using videos can show off the value of your content and that people are interested. For even greater SEO results, you can include a transcript to your video. This will allow you to clearly define keywords appearing in your video for Google.

Massive Engagement Boost

People love to watch videos. Why else would Google suggest a number of videos when you search? Studies have shown that a page with a video has, on average, 2.6 times as much engagement than those lacking a video. The engagement you get is also an amazing way to take your SEO to the next level. A video can allow for comments to be left on your site, which you can interact with and leave keywords in for greater search value. This also allows you to directly interact with clients, showing them you care about their voice and what they think. This can help build brand loyalty and increase SEO for a double win.

Every win for small business is a win for Adapting Social. Successfully using video to take your SEO to the next level is a massive step to success for any business. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful websites and formulating original, quality content in your branding. We are here to help take your digital presence to the highest level possible. To learn more about Adapting Social and saving small business, read our blog.

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