Take Your Story Engagement To The Next Level With Instagram’s Emoji Slider

Get ready to elevate your Instagram presence!

As each day passes by, Instagram is rapidly gaining popularity due to the fact that the social media platform is introducing new features constantly. From gaining the ability to do a one on one video call with one of your followers to having the option to add your card number to your account to simplify the buying process, Instagram is making moves that set it apart from other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Twitter. This past week, Instagram released an absolutely epic new feature that will turn a good story into an elite story!

If you have ever wanted a 100 percent genuine response from your followers, your time has officially come. When you utilize this sticker, you will get more information from the sliding scale rather than a simple yes or no question. One of the best parts of this new feature is that it is super easy to use. Once you update your app to the current version of Instagram, all you need to do is take a picture or video and then pose a question to followers when you add the emoji slider from the sticker tray to your story. If you have used the original poll feature on Instagram, then using this feature will be cake.

Here’s how it works:

To add the emoji slider, select it from the sticker tray when posting a video or photo to your story. Place it anywhere you’d like with a corresponding question you want to ask your audience. Then, set the emoji that best matches your question’s mood! For example, you may use the heart eyes emoji to vote on something the user has to make a loving opinion on, and a fire emoji for a user to vote on how epic something is!

When your followers see the emoji slider in your story, they will drag the emoji to the left or right and watch it animate as they make their decision. Not only is this a much more interactive way for your followers to engage with your poll, but you will also get a legitimate answer that can provide you with valuable feedback! Our team at Adapting Social put our heads and came up with some savage ways that YOU can take advantage of this useful feature!


If you are in this industry, this feature will be golden. Use the emoji slider heart eyes emoji when taking a picture of a kitchen in one of your listings posing the question, “How much they would love to have this spacious kitchen with a large center island?!” Your followers will be able to show how much they love these aspects in that specific home and maybe could be a great sign that you have come across someone that is actually interested in checking out the home in person! In the competitive world of real estate, setting yourself apart on social media with sexy photos of your listings and engaging content is crucial. Add this feature to your real estate utility belt and get ready to see the benefits.


Without question, delicious meals are always coming out of your kitchen and on to a table for hungry customers to enjoy. When you prepare a dish you know would really get someone’s mouth instantly watering, throw an emoji poll up on your story with the taco emoji or steak emoji! From a juicy steak right off of the grill to those new fish tacos that will be your special tonight, showing them off on social media will allow you to see if your followers would be interested in stopping by your restaurant for a bite to eat.


In such a creative industry, hearing feedback from listeners can allow you to create a song with melodies and harmonies for all to jam out to. Consider posting a quick 10-15 second teaser of that new song that you have been working on to your story with the emoji slider of the rock on emoji and see what your followers have to say. Without question, this tool can truly allow any musician to engage with followers more, which is huge for authenticity and will allow you to build a strong connection with them!

Do you own a gym?

The gym is one of the best places for people to grow both physically and mentally. As a gym owner, you can post a video of one of your clients crushing a workout and post the question, “How excited are you to annihilate today’s workout?” This will inspire followers to actually want to get out and get their sweat on and you can also track who is looking to get into better shape versus those that are either too busy or are content with their current fitness. Considering that so many people love being on the camera, this will also encourage gym goers to work harder and strive to make it onto the story.


One of the major components of success is meeting new people that can inspire you to achieve greatness. From meeting up at networking events to having a conversation with someone on the street, you never know when you are going to run into someone that will have a positive impact on your life. If you are hosting a networking event, you can post a photo of your event on the story and post the question, “How much do you love having the opportunity to create new connections?” and then the handshake emoji. This will be just another aspect of your social media presence for followers to engage with and will encourage them to come to your next event.

Still not sure how you’re going to utilize this feature? Start small! Here’s a fun and simple sample question we asked our followers the second the feature came out to see how they would engage with it:

No matter what your industry is, this feature is still a ton of fun! From posting a photo of the pizza that you are having for lunch with the emoji slider asking, “How bad do you wish you could eat this pizza?” to a photo of your puppy and introducing the question of, “How much do you want to pet Comet?” we promise your followers will love it. Practice makes perfect.

Now stop what you are doing and give this feature a try and wow all of your followers!

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