5 Tips to Take Your Website to The Next Level

No matter what industry you’re in, having an engaging website is absolutely essential. Deciding on a killer design is easily one of the most exciting yet challenging segments of a website development project. A successful design will simultaneously boost functionality while showcasing your content in a way that flawlessly supports your overarching goals.

A successful web design can have a beneficial impact on your website’s ability to not only gain a user’s attention but to hold it. In just a matter of 3 seconds, a visitor will judge your website and decide whether they should stay or move on to your competition. This decision is the harsh reality, given the fact that there are approximately 200 million active websites on the Internet right this very second.

Make sure that your website design thrives during this 3 second period while painting your brand in the best light by following these 5 tips!

1. Place your logo on the top-left side

On average, 89% of users will remember a brand when their logo is in the top left corner of the page. Not only does it looks stellar there, but also users have come to expect it due to the fact that in the early years of web design, logos were always on the left. For those of us with a native language that reads from left to right, our eyes will naturally look to the left first.

A logo that can be easily spotted in the top-left corner will remind a user what website they are on, simplify their navigation so that finding the home page is a breeze, and will maximize brand recognition.

2. Obtain an SSL Certificate

SSL is the backbone of our secure Internet and defends sensitive information as it travels across millions of computer networks. It is crucial for protecting a website, even if it is one that does not handle sensitive information regarding a person or their credit cards. This certificate will provide privacy, important security, and data integrity for both your website and the user’s personal information. A secure website will encourage users to visit and will promote safety, which will encourage them to stay longer.

3. Utilize white space

White space will create a beautiful harmony and balance on your website while also branding a design. It can lead a reader from one element on a page to the next easily, creating a simple and uncluttered look allowing for information to be delivered to readers in a way where they will genuinely enjoy and appreciate it. White space should definitely not be considered “blank space.” It is the element of design that enables the objects on the page to actually exist. White space will balance out information and will prevent overcrowding. A clear message can be received in a simple way without being bombarded with content.

4. Optimize your images

In today’s world, speed is everything. A successful way to ramp up the speed of your website is to optimize the images throughout it. To put it simply, this means reducing the file size of the images as much as possible without sacrificing quality so that the page’s load time is lower. This will also contribute to image SEO, which is getting the images of your product and decorative images to rank higher on Google. The longer it takes images to load, the greater the odds of someone exiting your website, so really maximizing the overall speed is so important.

5. Utilize icons

Every day, we encounter thousands of icons. From road signs to keyboards to any interface, they are there and things aren’t changing any time soon. Adding icons to your website will put content in a nutshell and draw a visitors attention way better than a descriptive sentence. They increase readability and will simplify all of the content.

Aside from looking pretty, utilizing icons instead of text or images can speed up a website and provide that important white space that users love. They’re the perfect design element for a simple website with a unique design.

With the number of websites increasing by the second, stay tuned here for the most recent trends, useful tips and tricks, and never hesitate to adapt your brand strategy to fit these new opportunities that are constantly being created. The person to take action first will always remain ahead of the game.

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