The Benefits of Augmented Reality For Your Business

The future is here…and it’s virtual.

From the world of science fiction, the augmented reality phenomenon has turned into technology, which finds its application in nearly every facet of everyday life. This transformation has been taking place behind the curtain for several years now, BUT IT IS FINALLY HERE!

The term “augmented reality” has several different gradations, but the essential is that it combines data from the physical world to one that is created with digital tools. Thus, the user sees the reality that is overlaid with computer-generated information. From a street with a virtual route on it, to 3D furniture being modeled in your living room, to your backyard filled with your favorite Disney characters, augmented reality will make it ALL possible.

Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

Both augmented and virtual realities provide experiences through 3D high definition audio and video, but there is a HUGE difference. Virtual reality involves the user being completely immersed and placed in an isolated reality while augmented reality is only partially immersive. In the new and exciting world of augmented reality, the user can look around and through artificial objects of the expanded layer. In augmented reality, there is a computer algorithm that uses sensors and markers to spot the current position of physical objects and determine a potential area for simulated ones. Virtual reality uses similar sensors and markers, however, the environment is completely simulated. According to Digi-capital fundamental, the augmented reality and virtual reality markets are going to expand to $150 billion by 2020. Augmented reality has $120 billion of the industry, taking precedence over virtual reality’s $30 billion.

How you can take advantage

Where there is a new innovation, there is a new opportunity for vast amounts of markets. Augmented reality is going to change the shape of commerce before you know it. In the next few years, users will be able to try on clothes without actually having to wear them or check if furniture will fit in a home’s interior. All this is possible with the help of an android of iPhone augmented reality app. Moreover, with future technology, there will be a time where new human sensors will be developed that will allow users to smell, touch, and feel.


Augmented reality will affect how shopping is done both online and offline. Virtual fitting rooms will help users find the right size for clothing and will decrease the number of returns. Aside from clothing, augmented reality will help you to pick out new furniture for your home or even the perfect color for your dream car. This technology can also be used for promotional campaigns when showing off a new product.


Augmented reality cannot only facilitate operations in a factory, but it can accelerate the overall building process. Project managers can monitor work in progress in real time through augmented reality equipment. In addition, this can save time by using digital maps and plants in order to increase efficiency. Pointing your phone in a specific location to show what a piece will look like after a final construction will allow those involved to visualize the future.

Education and Training

When it comes to education, there is a truly unlimited amount of possibilities for teaching and learning. This technology will give an entirely real psychological and physical experience and will help to create a virtual experience that can be implemented in real life. Now medical students can try their first surgeries without potentially injuring a patient and future astronauts can prepare for their next space mission!

Travel and Tourism

GPS mobile applications with augmented reality features can allow for tourists to visualize potential routes that they can take and directions to desirable destinations. Also, this technology can translate foreign street signs and give information about sightseeing.

Benefits for Marketing

There are more chances now than ever to surprise your customers with augmented reality and create a necessary buzz because you can offer something that your customers do not have yet. The sheer shock factor of augmented reality is enough to peak people’s interest and get people talking on social media and by word of mouth. Augmented reality can be personalized depending on your company’s branding and also allow users to interact with your products or services. It is well known that interactive content will allow your company to maintain your retention rate of customers.

At Adapting Social, we are always up to date on technological advancements to allow our clients to get ahead and stay ahead of their competition! Not preparing your business for these trends in 2018 is preparing to fail. If you want to remain relevant in the competitive world of marketing, stay tuned here for the latest trends, tips and tricks, and don’t hesitate to update your brand strategy to fit these new opportunities!

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