Top Google Search Trends of 2021

Another year has come and gone, and algorithm changes, search behaviors and unusual keywords along with it. Google’s mini-site on Search Trends showcases searches and news event data that can be sorted by region, allowing users to specifically learn what was trending in their part of the World.

As you navigate through the listings, you’ll find the ability to view search volume on a variety of categories such as, songs, sports teams, tv shows and more. Topping the charts in the U.S.:

Along with the top charts, Google also offers a scrollable feature showcasing trending searches month after month, giving more insight into the timely search trends and the impact it had on your ranking or marketing efforts.

Today, marketing is about being relevant, relatable and timely. Staying on top of trends also means analyzing past trends to understand how consumer behavior has shifted over the past year, and also, what topics consumers are prioritizing.

Google Search Trends also give insight into trending “how-to” phrases. That’s right! Did a light bulb just go off in your head? No? Well, maybe it’s just us that gets excited about new content ideas.

Using the “How-To” search trend data, you can create blogs, videos, social posts, guides and more surrounding trending searches. In 2021, trending U.S. searches included:

  • How to be eligible for stimulus check
  • How to be happy alone
  • How to help toddler with cough
  • How to style straight leg jeans

“How-to” searches aren’t the only way to get content ideas! Trending recipes, such as TikTok pasta and Bacon jam, as well as sustainable products, and updates are also topics that can be molded into your content.

While browsing on the mini-site, check out the recently trending section. Like many regions, the term “COVID guidelines” top the charts. Don’t worry, You don’t have to blog about COVID guidelines, but a great way to capture keywords like this are to add a COVID guideline page to your website. It helps to inform your customers while also capitalizing on the trending search term, helping your site climb the search engine ranks.

Looking back at the past year, you’ll be surprised by some of the topics that have trended, forgetting that certain events happened within the year. While you’re at it – go check out the previous year in search reports for a blast in the past. They say history repeats itself… Do search trends repeat themselves, too?

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