8 Social Trends Predicted for 2022

Long are the days where most people just “spend a good chunk of time” on social media. Let’s be real: Social media has found a way to integrate into our lives. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we know that social media has become so ingrained in daily routines so much so that it has become one of the first things many look at when they wake up in the morning. These habits die hard! (Thanks to the dopamine rush that comes with scrolling through trendy videos over and over again.)

But, without trends on social media, would we just see the same boring cycles of content? Trends help influencers and businesses alike stand out amongst the overpopulated social feeds, and integrating these trends into your social media strategy can help to fuel your growth and reach a wider audience. While consumer trends are influenced by pop culture making them difficult to predict, there are strategic trends that can be used to enhance your social media platforms. Get ready to go viral! Here are 8 social trends predicted for 2022:

  1. Social audio will become more popular
  2. Paid advertising will become a necessity
  3. Augmented reality will become more mainstream
  4. Influencer marketing will continue to soar
  5. Increase in the use of social media for customer service
  6. Local targeting will become more prevalent
  7. Creative marketing becomes a need as consumers wise up to social ads
  8. Trend Lifespan will shorten

Social Audio Will Become More Popular

If you recall, the exclusive Clubhouse app was launched in 2020 and became widely popular in 2021, allowing users to listen in on discussions surrounding topics they’re interested in. Facebook soon followed after them with Live Audio Rooms and brands are gearing up to utilize both.

How you can use this trend: Gear up for a podcast! If you weren’t comfortable being a camera, now is your chance to still be an expert in your industry, without having to be camera shy. Think of it as chatting with a colleague or potential customer.

Paid Advertising Will Become a Necessity

Maybe you already felt this way, but even more so in the new year, paid advertising will become necessary to reach your audience. According to Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Media Trends survey, the decline in organic reach had been flagged up by 40% of respondents, while emphasizing the need to spend more on advertising.

How you can use this trend: With Facebook’s organic reach being just over 5%, and Instagram’s organic reach trailing along with it, it’s time to put some of your marketing budgets toward paid ads. Start by boosting your posts to your targeted audience! Or perhaps you can invest in influencer marketing, the opportunities are endless with paid social ads!

Augmented Reality Will Become More Mainstream

Ready or not, here AR comes! Augmented reality and virtual reality will influence social media platforms to adopt the new technologies in a demand for more engaging experiences. We’re already seeing AR on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram through the variety of filters offered, and now with the Metaverse, we are anticipating seeing a whole lot more.

How you can use this trend: Start brainstorming for the future! How can your business fit into a virtual reality World? Can you create a virtual store? Can you teach something hands-on? The sky is the limit and the more creative and engaging your business can be, the better!

Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Skyrocket

Okay, so influencers are definitely not a new trend, but we’re not seeing this trend fade anytime soon. Both the spend in influencer marketing and the number of influencers has increased and will continue to do so as brands take advantage of the loyal and curious audiences micro-influencers have through social platforms.

How you can use this trend: Influencer marketing can deliver great results. Not only would you be increasing your reach drastically, with affiliate links or special discount codes, but you could also see an uptick in sales by having the influencer share their exclusive offer with their followers.

Increase in the Use of Social Media for Customer Service

Social media has become more than just a platform where friends and family can connect. It has transformed into a vision board, a commerce platform, a product discovery tool, and even a customer service channel. Not only can brands share experiences from their happy customers, they now have a direct way of communicating with ALL their customers; whether that be about shipping and tracking information, FAQs, or just relationship building.

How you can use this trend: Engage, engage, engage! With EVERYONE. An FAQ response template can help answer those DM’s a bit faster, and don’t be afraid to have casual chit-chat with those in your comments! Every interaction is a step closer to capturing a life-long customer.

Local Targeting Will Become More Prevalent

Local SEO has been important for your search engine ranking for quite some time, but now, social pages will see the benefits of pulling in a local audience by capitalizing on the geo-tag features available for both posts and stories. With the ability to search for posts by location, your business will get more exposure to those looking for something new in a particular area.

How you can use this trend: Use specific towns within your geographic target on your posts and stories to reach wider audiences. Expert tip: Pair your geotagged post with a boost. The location name will stand out to that specific targeted geographic audience, causing them to pause and take in the information you’re sharing as it is relevant to their current location.

Ad-weary Consumers Challenge Marketing Techniques

As the years go on, consumers become more aware of what messages are ads versus genuine referrals. Platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat send messages to their content creators reminding them that their platforms are no place for ads. TikTok shares the tagline “Don’t make ads. Make TikToks” With their brand-facing creators, while Pinterest shares with advertisers “Stop interrupting. Start Inspiring”. For the same reason many flock to Netflix to be unbothered by the interruption of commercials, consumers are flocking to platforms where their entertainment will not be interrupted with an ad.

How you can use this trend: Stop being salesy! Nobody wants to be sold to, especially when they are abruptly interrupted from whatever content they were taking in. Go back through your buyers’ journey and find ways to immerse content into each section that is relatable and relevant to your target audience.

Trend Lifespan Will Shorten

You thought jumping on trends now is tough? In the next year, trend lifespan is expected to shorten, giving content creators a smaller window to create relevant content for their audience. The challenge will be to catch trends and immediately act on creating content before the hype fades away.

How you can use this trend: Incorporate a little extra time to create content relevant to trends. Spend 15-minutes a day brainstorming based on trending videos on Instagram and TikTok and get your content out there!! Don’t waste time perfecting videos, consumers want relevance over perfection.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see this list grow throughout the year. With the way the World is moving, new trends have proven to pop up when we least expect it! As a business owner, you have enough to think about! Let us worry about keeping you up to date on the latest in marketing and social media, while you work on your business. Subscribe to our newsletter to get monthly updates!

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