Warm Leads in the New Era

How to increase your number of warm leads with digital technology

As you already know before you even took a look at this, word-of-mouth is far from new. People constantly verbalize how they feel about certain experiences, needs, products, services, and brands. As social media and new interactive elements have entered the realm of communication, old patterns, roles, and the impact of word-of-mouth have completely evolved and online communities were created. These changes completely impact the way that businesses can leverage the power of word-of-mouth for the purpose of creating leads. With a strong online presence, there is no limit to how many leads can be established for your business.

In 2018, word-of-mouth in person is important and word-of-mouth online is EQUALLY as important, if not more important. Warm leads can come from new people following your company on social media, signing up to your email newsletter, and as a referral from a friend, previous client, or some other expressed interest.

Many years ago, warm leads came solely from friends, family, and business partners, but now the times have changed. As more and more people venture to social media and to technology for communication, their ability to connect with people has become limitless. Due to our world becoming digitized, everyone’s network has grown exponentially, businesses have the ability to showcase their products and services to those all around the globe, and the way warm leads are generated has changed.

Our team at Adapting Social is constantly thinking, innovating, and creating new ways for businesses to gain leads, and every conversation begins by talking about the importance of a website.

Identifying website leads

In the extremely important world of leads, there are cold leads, warm leads, and qualified leads. These cold leads are the people that are just discovering or learning about your company for the very first time. In this case, these will be your first-time website visitors. Warm leads are those that show interest in your product or service and may even subscribe to your email list or give you a follow on social media. A qualified lead is a warm lead that is dangerously close to buying your product or utilizing your service. It is so important to take advantage of the warm leads you have and turn them into qualified customers. In today’s day in age, one of the best ways to have more people come across your website is to rank higher on Google.

Incentives are everything

If you are on the hunt for warm leads, give those online a reason to give you a follow, sign up for your newsletter, or interact with one of your posts on social media. Whether signing up will earn you 10% off a user’s next purchase from your company’s online store or if you will provide useful information to followers if they check out your page, people online are always looking to add value.

Chatting can always bring benefits

As you are definitely used to by now, chatting about business is something that occurs all the time. Whether you are hanging out at a bar, a family party, or at your child’s baseball game, work always enters the conversation. After communicating, it is possible to come away with a potential lead or knowledge that will benefit your company. This in-person conversation is fantastic, but equally as important are the conversations that you have online. In a world where people are always talking in-person and online, why not catch some potential customers in the act with a live chat. Not only are these chats a very simple way for potential customers to learn more about your service and find the perfect answers to any question the may have, but it is very possible you will come away with a warm lead. We recommend adding a live chat feature to your website so that those potential customers don’t leave your page due to uncertainty.

Drip Drip

No, that dripping isn’t coming from your kitchen sink. As soon as you meet a new potential customer in-person you wouldn’t immediately barrage them with information about how great your organization is, right? Well, the same tactic is true with emails. With drip campaigns, comprised of those that have recently signed up for your emails, you can warm them up by sending a series of emails throughout the course of a few weeks. If a cold lead subscribes to your email list carelessly at an event or online, it is possible to send them a welcome message followed by another email with tips on how to grow their business, fulfill a need, or make their lives easier. After you build interest, your amount of warm leads will grow.

Communication legitimately changes by the second, business practices are constantly changing, and the way that leads are established will never be the same as it was 10 years ago. In this new era, word-of-mouth in person just won’t cut it. You must build your arsenal. It is so crucial to have family and friends who will refer you in-person, a strong website that will capture leads and turn them into qualified leads, an epic social media presence, strategic marketing practices, and emails that will maximize your return on investment. In this new era, you are either an icon online, or someone searching for a referral on a telephone.

With our dedicated team at Adapting Social in your corner, there is nothing that can stop your business from growing. Similarly to those that network and interact with people online, you will be limitless.

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