3 Myths Impeding On Your Creativity

Creative blocks happen! Especially for creative roles. In today’s technology age – ideas are quickly shown to us at a mass scale on mediums such as social media, email campaigns and commercials. With so much information being absorbed, and having to keep up with the ever-changing trends and fast-moving consumer needs, creative burnout is expected. So what do you do when it happens?

First thing’s first; Reframe what creativity means and how it is sparked. There are so many myths surrounding what makes someone creative. Let’s debunk them together!

Myth 1: Creativity is just for artists

Often, others think that creativity is left for artists or designers, but creativity takes place even in analytical positions. To be able to brainstorm creative solutions to problems is what differentiates experts from the elite. Creativity goes far beyond your job title, and has to do more with how you allow your imagination to guide the development of your project, business and self.

Myth 2: Creativity is a fixed trait

Another myth is that you are either born with creativity or you’re not. WRONG! Creativity CAN be taught, but it takes a ton of practice, and even more honest feedback. There are some exercises you can use to help creativity flow, and remember – learning any new skill is like building a muscle. You can strengthen that muscle over time but it takes consistency and dedication.

Myth 3: Your work environment and creativity don’t have any correlation

Your atmosphere is a big influence on your creativity, believe it or not. Is your space crowded and chaotic? Are you surrounded by positivity or the latter? Is there white noise or are you sitting in silence? So many factors contribute to the creativity that sparks from your surroundings.

Changing your perception of creativity can be the first step in overcoming a creative block. Other tactics that have helped our team are making sure you are taking breaks! Getting away from your computer for 5 minutes in between tasks can help your brain reset and gear up to brainstorm for the next project. Fresh air does wonders, as well! If you have the opportunity to get a 10-minute walk in, DO IT! And of course, make sure you are staying hydrated and well-nourished throughout the day.

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