Law Offices of Sylvia Costantino

The Law Offices of Sylvia Costantino, based in Red Bank, NJ, specializes in family law services. With a commitment to providing compassionate and expert legal support, Sylvia Costantino’s firm faced the challenge of standing out in a saturated and competitive market.

The Challenge.

Navigating the highly competitive landscape of family law in Red Bank, NJ, the Law Offices of Sylvia Costantino sought to overcome challenges related to search visibility. The primary goal was to enhance the firm’s online presence, attract more qualified leads, and establish Sylvia Costantino as a go-to resource for family law services in the region.

The Solution.

In collaboration with the Law Offices of Sylvia Costantino, our SEO team devised a multi-faceted SEO strategy tailored to address the unique challenges of the family law sector in Red Bank. The key components of the strategy included adjusting keyword density and variation, as well as leveraging Google Business Profile (GBP) for local visibility.


Keyword Optimization: Conducted a comprehensive analysis to identify and refine relevant keywords specific to family law services in Red Bank. Adjusted keyword density and variation across the website to enhance relevance and improve search engine rankings.
Content Refinement: Collaborated with the Law Offices of Sylvia Costantino to enhance website content, ensuring it aligned with the adjusted keyword strategy. Developed informative and engaging content that resonated with potential clients seeking family law services.
Google Business Profile Optimization: Leveraged Google Business Profile to its fullest potential, ensuring accurate business information, compelling visuals, and positive client reviews. This optimization aimed to enhance the firm’s visibility in local searches and attract clients seeking family law services in Red Bank.


The strategic SEO implementation yielded impressive results, showcasing the impact on the Law Offices of Sylvia Costantino’s online presence and client acquisition:

  • Substantial Traffic Surge: In Q3 and Q4, the Law Offices of Sylvia Costantino experienced a remarkable 157% increase in website traffic compared to the previous quarters (Q1 and Q2). This significant growth highlighted the success of the tailored SEO strategies.
  • Organic Search Dominance: The main driver of new users was organic search, underscoring the effectiveness of the keyword optimization and content refinement strategies in improving search visibility.
  • Google Business Profile Success: Sylvia Costantino’s Google Business Profile acquired 246 calls within the quarter, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness in generating leads and facilitating client engagement.


The collaboration between the Law Offices of Sylvia Costantino and Adapting Social exemplifies the transformative impact of a targeted SEO strategy in a competitive legal market. By strategically optimizing keyword usage, refining content, and maximizing the potential of Google Business Profile, Sylvia Costantino’s firm not only achieved a substantial increase in website traffic but also solidified its position as a trusted family law resource in Red Bank, NJ. This case study underscores the crucial role of SEO in overcoming market challenges and driving tangible business growth for law firms, especially in highly competitive niches.


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