5 SEO DON’Ts – The Most Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization

Ranking on Google is difficult in itself, but add in changing algorithms and transformational consumer behavior – and you’ll find yourself in need of optimizing your site more frequently than not. We’ve listed the 5 most common SEO mistakes you’ll want to avoid to rank on search engines: 1. You forgot to focus on site […]

Choosing the Right Objective For Your Social Marketing Campaign

If you’ve ever launched an ad through Ads manager, then you’ve been met with the multitude of options to choose from when building out your campaign. With so many social marketing objectives, how do you choose the one that is going to fuel your goal? We’ve got a full breakdown to guide you and your […]

Save Time With Micro-Content Creation

Work smarter, not harder! The most common thing we hear as a marketing agency is “I don’t have time to create content for various platforms”. We get it, as an entrepreneur, time is extremely valuable and every minute counts! So, What if we told you we could save you time AND guide you on micro-content […]

5 Customer Service Techniques That Impact Marketing Efforts

The customer service experience your company provides can make or break a sale. Customer Service skills may come very naturally to some, while others may need a few pointers. We have compiled a list of practices that will help maintain the quality of your customer service, and enhance the experience for your customers when reaching […]

5 Small Business Marketing Tips for the 2020 Holiday Season

The 2020 holiday season approached faster than ever. But, will our memories of standing in long Black Friday lines, or searching through retail stores last-minute for that perfect gift be the same? Most likely not. As a small business, you may have found that most of your holiday sales came from in-store traffic. With many […]

Is Apple’s New Privacy Feature Going to Change The Way Businesses Advertise?

Consumers have often wondered how it’s possible that something they were talking about, browsing through or recently liked is now being advertised to them. Coincidentally, as I’m pulling information from online resources regarding this very topic, I scroll down to see the exact products in the exact colors that I was interested in just last […]

Google’s Core Algorithm Update: May 2020 | Everything You Need to Know

On May 4th Google began to roll out its latest Core Algorithm Update. Now remember, Google updates its algorithm frequently, but a core algorithm update means that we could see major changes in site rankings. What Do You Need To Do? Similar to previous Google Algorithm Updates, focus on updating content!! In addition to adding […]

Your 2020 Organic Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

With the new year fast-approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you can refresh your digital marketing strategy to adapt to the changing trends that dictate success (or lack thereof) in the digital realm. Read on below for your go-to guide on how to do so! As a business owner, you know that time […]

Developing a Successful Voice Engine Optimization Strategy

“Alexa, what is voice engine optimization?” Ask yourself, is your business prepared for a voice search revolution? It is coming your way like a humongous wave at the beach and there is nothing you can do about it except adapt, learn, and grow. In 2018 alone, over 56 million smart speakers were sold worldwide, which […]

How to Keep Visitors On Your Website

The average person spends less than 30 seconds on a website if they can’t find what they are looking for. Here is what you need to know to keep them on yours! Your small business NEEDS a website. This isn’t optional or some “trendy” new form of advertising; it’s how the majority of customers are […]