4 SEO Strategies Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

A real estate agent’s worst nightmare is trying to sell a listing that sits for ages on the market just collecting dust. One way to avoid this horror movie scenario is to optimize your SEO tactics. According to the National Association of Realtors, 95% of homebuyers searched online to find their homes in 2021. This […]

Voice Searches and Your Website: What You Need to Know

The importance of taking advantage of voice searches. Remember watching the original “Iron Man” movie when Tony Stark could talk to his computer and the machine would give an answer? That is the world we live in now. Siri, Amazon Echo, and Cortana are all voice-based options on phones and other smart devices that allow […]

3 Ways to Increase Brand Trust on Social Media in 2022

It seems like today algorithms are constantly changing through Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, YouTube and all the social platforms. There is no doubt that this is the case. We find ourselves constantly chasing the algorithm finding the newest way to gain audience attention while staying on brand with the niche that we are part of. How […]

3 Reasons Your Current SEO Strategy is Failing

Imagine traveling to a new town, you’re walking down the main street enjoying the many shops greeting you before going home. Then you find out that the local hotspots are just off of main street, but you never got a chance to see them as they were just one block over from where you were. […]

Top Google Search Trends of 2021

Another year has come and gone, and algorithm changes, search behaviors and unusual keywords along with it. Google’s mini-site on Search Trends showcases searches and news event data that can be sorted by region, allowing users to specifically learn what was trending in their part of the World. As you navigate through the listings, you’ll […]

6 Google Secrets: Leaked

As we know, every so often, Google’s myriad of algorithms change, along with their resources – from SEO guides to search functions. Whether you’re a Google expert or a self-learning YouTube extraordinaire, these search engine secrets may come as a surprise to you. Google Search Secret #1: Google has advanced search functions. Despite consumers using […]

5 SEO DON’Ts – The Most Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization

Ranking on Google is difficult in itself, but add in changing algorithms and transformational consumer behavior – and you’ll find yourself in need of optimizing your site more frequently than not. We’ve listed the 5 most common SEO mistakes you’ll want to avoid to rank on search engines: 1. You forgot to focus on site […]

Choosing the Right Objective For Your Social Marketing Campaign

If you’ve ever launched an ad through Ads manager, then you’ve been met with the multitude of options to choose from when building out your campaign. With so many social marketing objectives, how do you choose the one that is going to fuel your goal? We’ve got a full breakdown to guide you and your […]

Save Time With Micro-Content Creation

Work smarter, not harder! The most common thing we hear as a marketing agency is “I don’t have time to create content for various platforms”. We get it, as an entrepreneur, time is extremely valuable and every minute counts! So, What if we told you we could save you time AND guide you on micro-content […]

5 Customer Service Techniques That Impact Marketing Efforts

The customer service experience your company provides can make or break a sale. Customer Service skills may come very naturally to some, while others may need a few pointers. We have compiled a list of practices that will help maintain the quality of your customer service, and enhance the experience for your customers when reaching […]