Why Google Reviews Matter

why google reviews matter

Taking advantage of Google Reviews to benefit your business.

When you find that perfect product on the internet, what’s the first thing you do? Read the reviews of it at the bottom of the page. Studies show that nearly 90% of all customers look at the reviews of a product or business before deciding to spend their money. The good news is if they read great reviews, they are nearly certain to become a customer. If the reviews are negative, they’ll move on without a second thought. With the digital marketplace becoming more important to business now than ever before, you need to know how important the impact of Google reviews are to your business.

We have one main goal, #SavingSmallBusiness. The digital market is quickly becoming one of the biggest driving forces for business on the planet which is why you NEED to be on it. No matter how small the business, we are here to help you enjoy continued success and stay ahead of the game. Knowing how important Google Reviews are to your business is the first step in ensuring you are ready to master the online market.

They Boost SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important aspects of your digital presence. When you search on Google, your site’s SEO helps it rank higher, allowing it to be seen. Reviews are a MASSIVE SEO boost. The better reviews your business has, the higher it ranks on Google. Why would a local restaurant with a 1-star review rank higher than one with an average of 4.5-star reviews? Every star you receive in a Google Review increases revenue by up to 9%! These reviews are filled to the brim with keywords. These specific words and phrases play a HUGE part in your ranking. A praising review isn’t just to make you feel good, it’s a crucial and free SEO boost.

Good Reviews = Sales

As stated earlier, 90% of clients read reviews before pulling the trigger on a product or service. A good review boosts the chances of a successful sale by 18% at the minimum. If you own a restaurant, multiple good reviews can increase interest and a customer coming in by up to 49%. Put yourself in the mindset of a customer. You’ve found a product you love but it’s gotten poor reviews. Would you still go ahead and buy the product? Flip the script and ask yourself what you would do if it had positive reviews. A good review is a powerful tool you can use to drive sales and bring in new clients.

Clients Trust Them

Before someone spends their hard earned money, they’ll think about what they are buying. Whether it’s a product or service, they want the most bang for their buck. Positive reviews help push a client off the fence and into your bottom line. In fact, 88% of potential clients trust online reviews as much as in-person recommendations. Building trust with clients ensures you’ll get more business. When you get a good review, you are getting a recommendation from a happy customer.

A Negative Review Will Have Major Consequences

As good reviews can help you bring in customers, negative ones can hurt your business. The obvious reason is that it will just cause potential customers to look elsewhere but it’s worse than that. Bad reviews lower your rating on Google which impacts your SEO. If your business has less than 4-stars, 57% of customers won’t even bother with you. The worst your rating, the lower you will rank. In a world that has mountains of content, you need every edge you can have over the competition. One bad review can lead to disastrous consequences. Don’t blow them off as “angry customers,” do everything you can to avoid getting one altogether.

Google Reviews allow anyone to leave comments and their experiences directly under your businesses online listing. You need to turn these into a tool you can use to get a leg up on the competition. Nothing is more important than appealing to potential customers online. Reviews allow you to not only boost SEO but increase sales drastically. If you are ready to take your business’ digital presence, give us a call.

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