Why You Shouldn’t Worry About The Instagram Change

Sometime this year, changes to Instagram’s algorithm will present photos out of chronological order.

We can’t know for sure how the algorithm update will work, but it makes sense to look at Facebook for clues. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has gotten pretty good at interpreting the people and things you’re most interested in and displaying content based on those preferences. Facebook also allows you to hand select certain accounts that you want to see at the top of your News Feed, so it’s likely that Instagram will have a similar feature.

But users should not rush to change their preferences just yet! No official details have been set and Instagram assured us via Twitter yesterday that nothing is happening just yet.

Many are worried this change will affect small business, but that’s not necessarily so. If the new algorithm does its job right, companies will still be reaching customers who are passionate about their products and actually like, comment on and share those photographs with frequency. In addition, when details are finally posted, we can all inform our followers on how to stay in touch accordingly.

We will keep you updated right here as news changes and, as usual, we will help you adapt to the social trend!
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