5 Ways to Boost Your Business’ Engagement with Instagram Stories

So you’re looking to increase your business’ engagement on Instagram. You already have a killer logo, an informative but personable bio, and content full of hashtags. What are you missing?

Engaging Instagram Stories!

Instagram Stories is the best way to connect one-on-one with your online audience, and here at Adapting Social, we love to interact with our Instagram followers. Raise your hand if you live for #MotivationMonday!

That’s why we’re here to show you the best strategies in increasing your Instagram engagement with Stories.

Add Captions

What’s the #1 way to boost your engagement with your followers? Add captions to all of your photos and videos on Instagram Stories. These days, more and more people are watching videos without sound which means you need to add captions.

Think about it– How many times do you watch a video in public with captions instead of sound? Either it’s too loud to hear the video you’re watching or you don’t want to disturb other people’s peace, right?

That’s why you need to add captions to everything, even your Instagram Stories. This will increase your followers’ likelihood to click and hold your Story rather than tap through it.

Use Stickers

Simple but effective, adding stickers to your Instagram Stories is guaranteed to boost your followers’ engagement.

Question Stickers

You can encourage your followers to answer a question by adding ordinary text. However, when you use the question sticker, you can post your answer directly to your Story, which gives your follower a notification that their question was answered. You know what that means? A guaranteed view!

Poll Stickers

Want to know what your online audience thinks about your business? Poll stickers for your Instagram Stories is the way to go! The best part is you can look at a list of what each user answers, which creates more valuable research for your business.

Quiz Stickers

If you want to test your followers’ knowledge on your business, quiz stickers are what you’re looking for. This fun and engaging tool is a unique strategy to inform new and current Instagram followers about your business while also increasing your engagement.

Other Stickers

Hosting an event at a cool venue? Working on a promotion with another business owner? Use location, emoji slider and hashtag stickers! These simple add-ons enhance your engagement and increase your online reach.

Use ‘Screenshotable’ Stories

Adding ‘screenshotable’ Stories to your Instagram is a great way to boost your engagement with your followers and increase your online reach. ‘Screenshotable’ Instagram Stories include phone wallpapers and “fill in the blanks” where viewers can screenshot the image and either save it on their phone or add it to their own Instagram Story.

Want to get your business out there? Be sure to include your business’ name in the ‘screenshotable’ image and encourage followers to tag you if they use your image in their Story.

Use “Call to Action” Phrases

You use them in blogs and social post captions. Why not use them for your Instagram Stories, too?

By including “call to action” phrases like “Tap for More” and “Hold to Read,” you’re directly encouraging your followers to read your business’ Instagram Story and content.

Save Your Highlights

Now that you’ve created a ton of engaging Instagram Stories, it’s time to add them to your business’ Highlights. Having Highlights on your profile encourages your audience to stay on your Instagram longer and allows new followers to learn everything about your business!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start crafting those Instagram Stories and boosting your business’ online reach.

Want to learn more about how to boost your Instagram presence? Our team at Adapting Social is here to help! We’re dedicated to making your dream a reality by creating quality web design and marketing. For even more tips, read our blog.

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