Finding your Company’s Voice on Social Media

How to establish your own unique social media personality.

Right now, there are over 2.27 billion active users on Facebook, over 1 billion active users on Instagram, and over 590 million active users on LinkedIn. As the clock ticks, these numbers grow which makes it harder to stand out from the competition now than ever before. Many companies aspire to follow the crowd and listen to procedures that made other organizations successful, but that won’t work in the long run. On social media, it is way more beneficial to stand out than to blend in. Utilizing the same content as everyone else will ensure that your feed is looking good, but that doesn’t mean followers will buy into it. Those that will watch your every move on social media will appreciate the uniqueness you have to offer. They crave authentic content, genuine insights about you and your team, and learning about the benefits of utilizing your products or services.

For a busy entrepreneur, taking the time to perfect your voice on social media simply is not always possible. Since having a consistent presence is important to keep followers interested, adding an expert team to your ammunition will alleviate the stress of managing your social media profiles while also allowing you to leverage your credibility. The devoted team of social media experts at Adapting Social cares deeply about working with passionate business owners to identify their ideal voice on social media. We will sit down with you to learn about your business, your business model, will jump on phone calls with you, and will be in constant communication so that who you are and your business are properly reflected on social media.

You may be wondering, what does the team at Adapting Social mean when they say, “voice?” Here’s our definition from the head of social media at AS, Morgan Yawger, “Your voice is what sets you apart is you. It is who you are, what your mission is, and who you want to be portrayed as on social media. It is what sets you apart from the billions of other users. Never hesitate to be authentic and original.” If you aren’t establishing your own voice on social media, you are going with the current to what will be an online presence of blandness. Business owners are those that truly make this nation great and empowering them is what we live for. In order to formulate your “dream voice” on social media, knowing these tips is crucial.

The power of authenticity

Photos and videos of you, your team, your store, your products; all of these are prime examples of what we mean by authentic content. Each of these aspects may seem “boring” to you but they certainly aren’t for those who aren’t experts in your craft. Think about it like this, if you followed a coffee shop that makes incredible lattes on social media, you would be impressed by the jaw-dropping designs they can create on the drink. However, if you are the owner of that coffee shop, those designs are just the typical and you may tend to forget how special each and every one of them is. Business owners, whether you know it or not, there are always people interested in what you do and the products that you have to offer. Social media is all about showcasing those products so that people can learn. The more they see you all over their social media feed, the more you are in their mind, and the greater the chances of them wanting to purchase what you have to offer. Sales and authenticity truly go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Be Yourself

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than You.” – Dr. Suess. This is just the truth, both in life, in business, and on social media. There is not a single human being on this planet that has experienced exactly what you have been through that lead you to where you are right now. Showcasing who you are will be your bread and butter on social media and will allow you to build trusting relationships with those that follow you. Strangely enough, you will feel as if you are friends in “real-life” with your followers, building that connection that will lead to them becoming customers.

Get comfortable

Everybody likes being comfortable, that is a way of life and the only way to truly get comfortable is to be uncomfortable first. Yes, showcasing some information that may be personal to you on social media may be hard, but it will allow your followers to get to know the real you. Break down your walls and be proud of you and your business. From your passions to your successes to your team, be proud of the incredible work of art you have created that is your organization.

Identifying your voice on social media isn’t something that comes in one day. It takes time, paying attention to what your followers really want to see, and taking risks. Yes, risk-taking can be hard at times but it always pays off. The only way to grow is by pushing your limits so never hold back, both in life and on social media. As experts in the world of social media, our AS team will collaborate with you to locate a voice on social media that will grow your following base, brand recognition, top-of-mind awareness, and amount of customers. Becoming a part of your business is always a genuine honor to us and if you are a business owner on the hunt for that perfect addition to your operation, it is now over. We are here and are ready to get to work.

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