How Google’s Algorithm Update Will Impact You

Everything you need to know about Google’s big algorithm update and how you can take advantage of the changes.

If you were unaware, Google’s search algorithm update is now fully rolled out! The company is referring to the changes that took place as a broad, global, core update, but after some further research, the target focus of the changes isn’t so broad. According to Google, things could be getting a bit trickier for those that have been impacted. Experts can be quoted saying, “There is nothing you can do to fix your site, so you should just focus on making a great experience, offer better content and a more useful website.” For us, we always believe that having an extremely high-quality website is important, so this update is just adding some extra reasons why yours must be extremely efficient.

The recent Google update focuses heavily on health, medical sites, and Your Money Your Life sites. Aside from those who’s sites involves content pertaining to those industries, many others were impacted. As a reference, Google stated that this update is somewhat similar to previous core updates, claiming that, “There is no fix for pages that perform less well, other than to remain focused on building great content.” As we all know, a useful and informative website is the best kind of website, so be sure that yours can take advantage of any Google algorithm!

Have no fear! As with any update that Google does, there is nothing wrong with pages that perform less well out of the blue, even if the site is perfect. Your site may not necessarily be getting demoted, rather other websites that are taking advantage of systems in place are moving up since they were under-rewarded. With expert insights and knowledge of the ever-changing algorithms, we will make sure that your business is always on the forefront and can benefit from these alterations, whether that be with a cutting-edge website or maximizing the results of your SEO.

In the past, Google used to reward websites that contained the largest amount of information and allow them to rank higher. Even though some people you encounter may tell you that this still holds true today, it doesn’t anymore. The times have most definitely changed and now quality is what Google is looking for. They reward websites with content that is both meaningful and engaging so that those that come across the site are obtaining the information that they need. Not so surprisingly, when someone has a medical issue they will search Google for similar symptoms that they are experiencing, so making it more difficult for those websites with less useful content does make sense. In the world of Google, few things are more important than showing its users valuable content that will provide the correct answers to the search. In a world where you can learn nearly anything on the internet, this is actually a good thing. With an accurate website loaded with useful content, there’s no reason you can’t soar through the Google rankings.

Update your content

It is fairly common for someone to either create or have a website created and just let it sit, hoping that users will come across it. Even this sounds like an effective strategy for some, it just is not in reality. It is so important for content to be updated on a regular basis. New content is always something that Google appreciates and it shows that you are doing your best to become a resource for users and your clients. We highly recommend going through old blog posts and changing up the images, adding infographics to your site, and reworking existing titles to boost your SEO. Keep in mind, an SEO friendly blog is a beneficial blog! Not only to those on your site but to your business as well.

Add more value to the content on your website

Blogs with very little to no words won’t be very much help when it comes to boosting your SEO. We recommend adding content to your articles because Google actually favors blogs that are long, useful, and most importantly, detailed. If you are ever hesitant to add more to your blog because you believe, “There is no benefit to adding information,” that is simply untrue. Add that content and enjoy the many, many benefits.

Plan out your keywords

Before you begin creating content that you anticipate many eyes to be on, plan out your keywords. If you are already aware of where you want to appear for certain search terms, it is important for you to have these terms set in stone, It is much easier and more beneficial to create content around these terms that you want to be seen on page one of Google for.

Think like a consumer

It is easy to think about what you want your business to appear for in a Google search, but you NEED to put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. Consider what they will be searching for throughout their journey on Google and what you can do to stand out. It is key to create content on your website that will allow you to be by the consumer’s side every step of the way to maximize the chances that they will want to work with you or utilize your good or service.

We completely understand that learning Google has updated their algorithm can be a difficult task to comprehend, but there is no need to worry, especially if your website is jam-packed with engaging content and useful information. This update, similarly to those in the past, can actually empower your business to become a greater asset to Google!

If you are still feeling a little uneasy, our marketing aces Adapting Social are here to go through the content on your website, use their expertise to tweak the content so that it allows you to become even more of a resource in the industry, and strengthen your SEO so that it can move up in the search rankings. For information that your business needs to stay ahead of the competition, follow us on social media as well as our blog.

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