Why Keeping Social Media in Mind When Creating a Logo is Important

As this is being typed, your competition is growing like a wildfire. More and more businesses are creating a presence online and there are no signs of stopping. Right now, over 70 Million businesses are using Facebook Pages, over 25 million businesses are on Instagram, and over 18 million businesses are on LinkedIn. Each of these businesses has their own unique logo branded all over their social media profiles with hopes of setting themselves apart while creating a brand that both followers and customers alike can resonate with. Since these platforms are rapidly changing, having a logo that stands out no matter what is crucial.

When our passionate graphic design team is presented with the honor of crafting a logo that flawlessly represents one of our amazing clients, they aim to create one that not only looks gorgeous but one that truly works on social media. Our artists dedicate days to learning about our clients – their favorite colors, their passions, their business, and what drives them. After forming a heartfelt connection, they research the competition, industry trends, and then get to the past that all artists love– CREATING!

If you are someone who takes time out of their day to catch up on social media, then you see hundreds if not thousands of logos. Some feature many different colors, fine lines, and text, while others are bolder, simple, and can be easily recognized on a busy feed. With a quick glance, those bold and simple logos will always be the ones that are recognizable, even if the logo is small in the comments section of a post!

When it comes to the color of your logo on social media, less is more! We recommend no more than 2-3 colors in your logo to really stand out and maximize the chances of catching someone’s attention. Some trendy colors right now that are featured in many logos are reds, blues, and even lighter greens. Darker colors may look fantastic on a bright sheet of paper or in an email signature, however, they can be tough to spot when they are small or are even viewed on a screen with low brightness. Some social media platforms also offer a feature called “night mode” where the white colors turn to black, which makes the page easier to read in the dark. On this dark page, those logos slip into the shadows and become instantly trickier to locate.

Many companies within the technology space are leaning toward logos that feature a gradient, which is a graduated blend between two or more colors between two tints of the same color. When added, this simple design element can truly make colors pop while looking futuristic.

On social media right now, some of the most popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each of these platforms features an area for a profile photo to go, however, not all are the same shape or dimensions. On Facebook, profile pictures must fit into a square, but on Instagram, the location for the profile picture is a circle. The best logos will be able to perfectly fill the space no matter what without sacrificing detail or getting cut off. To prevent any detail from being lost, steer clear from using thin lines that can easily disappear once they are placed on social media.

The bold text in this logo and simple icon in the middle make recognition a breeze. Since it doesn’t take up too much space, it can be utilized on any platform no matter what shape the profile image is.

Logo Bonus!

If your logo has a recognizable shape, it can be altered depending on holidays, events, and what is currently trending to boost engagement and provide even more value to followers! If you want feedback on your “new logo” post it on your story and use the emoji slider for followers to vote on it!

At Adapting Social, we will walk you through the entire design process to make sure that your logo perfectly tells your story while looking stunning on every single social media platform. Our graphic design team is waiting – all you have to do is send us your request!

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