Making the Most of Video Content this Holiday Season

The benefits of mixing up your marketing content during the holidays

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, oh, what fun it is…

Okay, no need for us to have to go on, you know all of the words by heart from years of watching holiday movies and spending the holidays with friends and family. But the interesting thing here is that the bells you are hearing actually aren’t coming from this timeless song, they are coming from the front door of your business that rattles every time a customer walks through. If you are not a business that operates out of a brick and mortar store, then those bells will be coming from orders placed or potential clients calling your phone. The ringing of those bells will become a lot more common if you switch up the holiday-themed content you are marketing with by adding in videos. According to Blue Corona, almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store, and stores are rarely busier any time of the year than they are during the holidays.

When you think back to your childhood, you never forget about those incredible holiday movies that brought you and your loved ones together. You memorize the lines, know the plot, and understand that no holiday would be complete without them. Why not create a video that is close to your heart and has the power to bring everyone together? The right video will even entice customers to learn more about your business as well.

At Adapting Social, helping your business reach its full potential and then surpassing it is our true calling. We will even collaborate with you to create the perfect holiday video for your company. Our highly-skilled media department did some research and developed ways that video content can benefit you this holiday season and rules that you must follow for success.

Don’t go for the hard sell

Let’s keep it real – nobody likes a scrooge – stubborn, hunting for every single penny, and out of touch with the fun of the holidays. There is no better time to show your loving nature as a business owner than during the holiday season. Use a personal and sincere tone with all of your content, especially video. Holiday videos are ideal for showing off your culture, building strong relationships with those you interact with, and strengthening the power of your audience. During this season, giving > receiving, so give those you market to the gift of a fun and relatable video.

Make it fun

Show your true colors as a business owner and have fun with your holiday video. In the video, you can feature your favorite customers, family members, and even some pets if you really want to make it entertaining. The more personal and lighthearted your video is, the better. For some of you that feel uncomfortable about showcasing who you are to potential customers, trust us, they will genuinely appreciate seeing the real you. The holiday video of your company can be as simple as a few employees saying “happy holidays” in front of a camera for customers to see. These videos will be perfect for use on social media, in emails, on your website, and could potentially even become a television commercial.

Versatility is key

This should come as no surprise – not everybody celebrates Christmas and not everybody celebrates Hanukkah. People are all different, which is absolutely incredible and should be celebrated. When creating the video, try not to lean too close to a specific holiday because you don’t want anyone to feel left out. No matter what holiday is being celebrated, all have some similarities – gifts, candles, and snow (if you live in a cold area). Embrace what all holidays have in common and incorporate them into your video. We promise that an adaptive and appealing video will never cease to put a smile on the face of a potential customer.

Get relatable

Your video does not need to be completely done from scratch. Don’t hesitate to do your very own take on a well-known holiday song (we recommend jingle bells if you couldn’t tell), a movie, or story that everybody knows. From the Hanukkah song to Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, you just cannot beat the classics. Those that come across your video will instantly feel a deep understanding of what you are going for and will build a connection with you that will instantly be strong. By being unique and relatable, you will increase top-of-mind awareness and elevate your brand.

Publish your video early

The holiday season is here one minute and gone the next so taking advantage of it is so very important. The sooner you can market your video and intrigue potential customers and followers the better. Since New Years is less than 50 days away, it is time to get moving!

We are rapidly approaching the heart of the holiday season and your business needs to get festive as soon as possible. Put up the decorations, take the awkward Christmas card photos, and most importantly, shoot your video. We will help you every single step of the way so that followers can see how fun, relatable, and sincere you are. In business, trust is absolutely everything, so give people authenticity to rely on this holiday season.

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