How to Stand Out as a Real Estate Agent in 2019

Why going against the crowd will benefit your real estate career.

Ask yourself, “Do I want to do things the easy way or the more involved way?”

Sure, the easy way will give you a sense of gratification immediately but will that great feeling last for very long? We don’t think so. At Adapting Social, believe in quality over quantity, always going the extra mile, and dedicating yourself to your goals. When we see agents taking the easy way out by posting stock images to social media platforms, utilizing generic websites, and sacrificing their brand because it is cheaper, it truly pains us. As fellow entrepreneurs, we know how important it is to put your heart into what you do and seeing passionless actions taking place like these is nothing short of disappointing. We live in a digital world where authenticity is essential to your success on social media, your website, and your branding, so showcasing who you are is an absolute necessity. Your digital presence is only a validation of credibility, that’s it. The information that you showcase digitally, the products, the reviews thats all apart of making these potentials clients TRUST you and want to work with you.

There are so many incredible and cutting-edge ways to show those online who you are, what you have accomplished, and where you are headed in the future. From taking videos of you inside of your just listed property to capturing an interview with a local business owner, there are no limits to how epic your brand can be, especially with assistance from our knowledgeable team. This coming year is going to be absolutely huge in the world of real estate, so are you going to follow the crowd of generic agents are you going to blaze your own trail? There is only one right answer.

Put an end to stock images

According to Fortune Builders, in the next five years, a whopping 66 percent of millennials are expected to buy homes. This is a remarkable statistic given the stigma of “millennials are lazy and don’t do anything with their lives.” Clearly, Millennials are purchasing homes like never before and more will be doing so in the future. Do you know what generation of people is all over social media? Millennials; and they are experts at spotting fake images, inauthentic content, and generic branding. With so many millennials on social media and scouring the web for potential residences, it will pay off to “wow” them by showcase gorgeous photos of your most recent listings, local insights like the “best restaurants in town” or “hot new event,” photos of you with happy clients, and incredible videos. We understand that knocking all of this content out of the park while being a busy agent is a daunting task, so we are here to alleviate that weight and assist you by strengthening your brand, saving you time, and leveraging your credibility. Since social media is the voice of your brand, it is essential to have a presence that commands engagement.

Elevate your website

At one point or another, every real estate agent has had a generic website with a phone number, email address, and a few listings. This is great if you are just getting off of the ground but if you are serious about your business and making power moves, it is impossible to make a splash when you have the same exact website as your co-workers and most of the time your agency gives you the same exact tools as your co-workers. If you want to turn heads, you need an eye-catching website that validates credibility, perfectly showcases your branding, accomplishments, listings, video testimonials, and content about who you are. A website is your digital storefront, so would you rather have the same storefront as the guy from across the street or one where people can’t help but utilize your service. As people who have purchased homes throughout our lives, we resonate much more with passionate go-getters who want to set themselves apart from the competition rather than cookie-cutter agents who will provide you with a replicated experience. It is going to be more important to be unique in 2019 than it has ever been before, especially in an industry that has become exponentially more competitive. A website that reflects your mission and goals will give you the edge you need to succeed. A website is the face of your brand, so having one that leverages your credibility is imperative for your success.

Kick the typical articles

Many real estate marketing companies say that they are “benefiting agents” by sharing basic articles regarding home-owning tips and interior design trends. Having a proper mix of content, including articles, is super important, but these vague ones will make the author of the article the resource rather than you. It is more powerful when a reader can learn new information from an article that comes straight from you and your website than a generic website where thousands of other agents are sharing the same exact article. According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, there are 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States, so if you are not standing out and writing your own rules you are falling to the back of the line. By having articles that contain local insights, helpful tips, and information about home ownership in your branding and voice, you instantly gain a lead against everyone else. Why be a standard member of the pack when you can be a leader?

Interact authentically

Having a basic real estate marketing company posting to your social media pages or hosting your website may be easy, but it is simply not authentic. They will never be able to replicate your unique voice the way an expert marketing company like us at Adapting Social can. We speak with our agents on a daily basis so that we are on the same page and understand exactly what is taking place in their world. This way we can perfectly replicate their voice on social media while they spend their time making sales, learning the market, and providing their customers with a memorable and successful service. As a busy agent it is important to have an expert team behind you that can interact with followers, update social media profiles, respond to comments, and grow your brand. Other real estate marketing companies may post to your page, but they will never interact with followers the way a highly-skilled and knowledgeable team like ours will. We work with over 275 agents across the nation and have seen first-hand what it takes to succeed. In a world where authenticity is crucial, having a real and genuine voice is everything in terms of your brand and credibility.

Utilize different platforms

If someone walked up to you in the street and asked you what the most popular social media platform is, what would you answer? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Actually, the most popular platform is Instagram. According to Adspresso, Instagram just reached 1 billion users this past June, which is a substantial increase considering that just in September of 2017 they had 800 million users. Instagram’s popularity is expected by those that typically use social media considering they are always innovating. From adding “stories ” to the platform to allowing advertisers the option to add shopping links to “posts,” transformations are being made. Transformations that you need to take advantage of, especially if you are a real estate agent.

For millennials, Instagram is an unbelievably popular social media platform. According to Investopedia, 59% of millennials are on Instagram and do you know what those millennials crave? Beautiful photographs of homes, especially if they are searching. Facebook’s organic reach is less than 2 percent right now, meaning that barely anyone is seeing your posts. Typically, real estate marketing companies will post and then forget about your page, neglecting the need for boosted posts, advertisements, and interactive content. Our team at Adapting Social is comprised of marketing experts who know exactly how to benefit agents, even though the reach is low. Instagram’s reach is much higher and the platform encourages engagement, which is fantastic for agents looking to grow their brand and find new potential buyers. Many of these real estate marketing companies focus on just Facebook, which is actually not very helpful since there are other platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter that agents can and should take advantage of. With so many agents in the United States, if you are not standing out then your chances of succeeding are decreased by a large amount; that is a fact.

If this blog seems like we are coming off as “rude” or “mean” in any way it is just because we care. We care about our nation’s real estate agents, their success, and empowering them to help homeowners everywhere. We are constantly researching the real estate industry, coming up with cutting-edge ideas for our 300 agents across the country, who we <3 deeply, and assisting them because it is our passion. Real estate agents are entrepreneurs just like us who care deeply about what they do and that inspires us.

If you are a real estate agent considering having a generic digital marketing presence, we highly suggest you reconsider. Your brand, future clients, and loved ones will thank you.

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