Top 30 Web Design Agency in NJ

We are excited to announce that Adapting Social has been recognized amongst the Top 30 Website Design Agencies in New Jersey in 2021 by DesignRush Marketplace. DesignRush is a go-to online resource for businesses in the United States looking for professional company and agency recommendations depending on vertical and expertise. We pride ourselves on creating […]

Save Time With Micro-Content Creation

Work smarter, not harder! The most common thing we hear as a marketing agency is “I don’t have time to create content for various platforms”. We get it, as an entrepreneur, time is extremely valuable and every minute counts! So, What if we told you we could save you time AND guide you on micro-content […]

5 Customer Service Techniques That Impact Marketing Efforts

The customer service experience your company provides can make or break a sale. Customer Service skills may come very naturally to some, while others may need a few pointers. We have compiled a list of practices that will help maintain the quality of your customer service, and enhance the experience for your customers when reaching […]

3 Ways for Startups to Bounce Back Stronger In 2021

No matter where you look, businesses are adapting rapidly – One way walking lanes in stores, plexiglass barriers, QR codes to scan menus – there are so many ways the consumer experience has altered. And, there’s no way of knowing how long this will last! Because of the experience gained throughout the pandemic, entrepreneurs have […]

6 Social Media Predictions for 2021

And, just like that, we are preparing small business marketing strategies for 2021! Has anyone else blinked, and the entire year just passed by? While not everything may have gone as planned this year, we did takeaway some insights & trends that will help your business propel in the New year. #1: Socially Conscious Audiences […]

Friday the 13th’s Affect on Business

Toward the end of the year, if you asked a business owner for factors that impact their revenue, Friday the 13th probably wouldn’t be one to come to mind when considering all the recent and upcoming events taking place; such as COVID-19, Small Business Saturday and the Holiday Season. Whether you believe in superstitions or […]

5 Small Business Marketing Tips for the 2020 Holiday Season

The 2020 holiday season approached faster than ever. But, will our memories of standing in long Black Friday lines, or searching through retail stores last-minute for that perfect gift be the same? Most likely not. As a small business, you may have found that most of your holiday sales came from in-store traffic. With many […]

Is Apple’s New Privacy Feature Going to Change The Way Businesses Advertise?

Consumers have often wondered how it’s possible that something they were talking about, browsing through or recently liked is now being advertised to them. Coincidentally, as I’m pulling information from online resources regarding this very topic, I scroll down to see the exact products in the exact colors that I was interested in just last […]

3 Work From Home Tips to Increase Productivity

Working from home is an experience everyone dreams of… until their dog starts barking on important calls. While working from home isn’t a new initiative in various companies, many people are experiencing remote work for the first time! We always said “where there is wifi you can hustle from ANYWHERE”! Over the past few months, […]

Resources To Support Small Business During COVID-19

On March 26, 2020, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) approved new programs to support small and medium sized businesses including zero interest loans, grants and other technical support.  The Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program provides up to $5,000 to New Jersey-based small businesses that employ between 1-10 full time employees. SMB in […]