8 Social Trends Predicted for 2022

Long are the days where most people just “spend a good chunk of time” on social media. Let’s be real: Social media has found a way to integrate into our lives. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we know that social media has become so ingrained in daily routines so much so that […]

Top Google Search Trends of 2021

Another year has come and gone, and algorithm changes, search behaviors and unusual keywords along with it. Google’s mini-site on Search Trends showcases searches and news event data that can be sorted by region, allowing users to specifically learn what was trending in their part of the World. As you navigate through the listings, you’ll […]

Your Feedback Isn’t Helping Your Employees Grow

With employees leaving at alarming rates, a line heard over and over again is that it’s easier to talk to a headhunter about their career than their own manager. Harvard Business Review reports a feedback campaign done by a 2,000 person IT division of an investment bank where they spent more than $1Million with a […]

ICYMI: Adapting Social’s 2021 Holiday Party

Every holiday season, we sit here scratching our heads wondering where the past year went! It seems that the holiday season approaches so quickly, but we’re never mad about it. While the holidays are something we all look forward to, our excitement really stems from all of the awards and incentives we get to celebrate […]

3 Ways to Support Small Business

As a marketing agency whose mission is to support small businesses across the globe, we are incredibly passionate about sharing ways to support small businesses, whether that be through paid or free efforts. Why Support Local? Small Business is not just the heart of our economy, they also bring growth and opportunity to your community […]

6 Google Secrets: Leaked

As we know, every so often, Google’s myriad of algorithms change, along with their resources – from SEO guides to search functions. Whether you’re a Google expert or a self-learning YouTube extraordinaire, these search engine secrets may come as a surprise to you. Google Search Secret #1: Google has advanced search functions. Despite consumers using […]

Alert! Instagram ~might~ be down

We can mark October 4th as a day in the books – when social media caused a complete frenzy amongst businesses, influencers and social media experts. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp platforms crashed for, what seemed to be, the longest few hours. What’s not surprising is Instagram’s announcement just a few days later. The platform that […]

Facebook Introduces ‘Reels’

Well, well, well – Welcome to the “Reels” family, Facebook! We’ve already seen Instagram reels become a close competitor for the popular short-form video platform, TikTok – but Facebook has decided to join the game just days after TikTok shared that it had reached a billion active users. With a 250 Million+ US audience, Facebook […]

5 SEO DON’Ts – The Most Common Mistakes in Search Engine Optimization

Ranking on Google is difficult in itself, but add in changing algorithms and transformational consumer behavior – and you’ll find yourself in need of optimizing your site more frequently than not. We’ve listed the 5 most common SEO mistakes you’ll want to avoid to rank on search engines: 1. You forgot to focus on site […]

Choosing the Right Objective For Your Social Marketing Campaign

If you’ve ever launched an ad through Ads manager, then you’ve been met with the multitude of options to choose from when building out your campaign. With so many social marketing objectives, how do you choose the one that is going to fuel your goal? We’ve got a full breakdown to guide you and your […]