5 Customer Service Techniques That Impact Marketing Efforts

The customer service experience your company provides can make or break a sale. Customer Service skills may come very naturally to some, while others may need a few pointers. We have compiled a list of practices that will help maintain the quality of your customer service, and enhance the experience for your customers when reaching […]

Understanding the Consumer Journey

You cannot ignore the journey of each and every consumer. Picture this, you own your own company that makes healthy juices for those looking to feel better and live better. Your consumer can end up being a mom that practices yoga on a daily basis and constantly rushes around for her kids or a fitness […]

Inside the Mind of Your Consumer

Unearth new tactics to trigger consumer’s emotions 8 seconds. That is how long you have to gain a user’s attention on social media. Will the content you are sharing instantly draw in their eyes or will they continue scrolling on to see what your competition has to offer? This is the question that must race […]

Warm Leads in the New Era

How to increase your number of warm leads with digital technology As you already know before you even took a look at this, word-of-mouth is far from new. People constantly verbalize how they feel about certain experiences, needs, products, services, and brands. As social media and new interactive elements have entered the realm of communication, […]